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Hide and Seek(CH18-24)

Chapter 18

The kiss was meant as a means to an end, maybe if he kissed her without holding back it would quench the aching thirst that he had for her or at least that was what he told himself when he first started but yet here he was thirty minutes later about to take a step forward that he knew he couldn’t or wouldn’t take back and his hands shook from the intensity of his want of her. Her hair in disarray, her shirt and pants missing, she lay there so beautiful and he was bound to lose it. Maybe he was being selfish, because he knew that this was not the time for what was about to transpire between them but he was as helpless as a baby to stop it.
Malaya wondered how it was possible for her life to be on shambles all around her yet the troubled look she saw in his eyes was enough to make her want to reach out and heal him of whatever he struggled with. It was clear he was fighting himself from what he obviously wanted. She knew without a doubt in her mind that this whole situation was crazy and probably one of the many mistakes she was going to make yet she couldn’t stop herself from sitting up on bed and leaning towards him as he stopped almost in a trance. She wanted to take the shadows away from his beautiful eyes yet she knew she held no such power but maybe they could pretend in the brief time they are together that their coming together was a part of the healing process. His eyes searched her face for what she didn’t know but she knew he was waiting on her. Not taking her eyes off his face she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and watched as his eyes slid closed as it loosened on her arms. It seemed as though things happened in slow motion from there. She reached out to touch his face at the same time he reached to pull her closer to him slowly pulling the loose garment from her body. Why this felt right she didn’t know but she knew that he needed this as much as he she wanted it. She watched after a few soft caresses and lustful kisses as he removed his clothes. She knew two things for certain as he drew near her quivering body that one he had a body created to love a woman and second she would never no matter how much she knew she needed to be able to forget him.

Chico knew that last night he should have never touched her, yet as he laid in the bed with curled securely against his side that he would do it all over again given the chance. He clenched his jaw at the thoughts running rapid in his mind. This is definitely not what he had in mind a week ago when he first saw her. Sleeping with her was one thing yet it was starting to get complicated. He knew he wasn’t the relationship type anymore, one time was enough for him, yet the thought of her being touched by someone else or someone mistreating her made him see red. What the hell was wrong with him? Sex them and leave them was what he did, when he made time for even that now here he was with this woman , this beautiful and her daughter wrecking havoc on his life and senses. He wanted to run away yet as she moved to roll away from him in her sleep he tightened his hold on her waist and was comforted by her sigh of contentment. That was it he thought he had completed gone and lost his damn mind. After she settle down and he was sure she was back to sleep, he slowly but efficiently left the bed taking his inner turmoil with him.

Chapter 19

Something was wrong, she knew but she refused to let herself think about what that could possibly mean. Today was the big day and she needed all the wits and nerve she could summon. The way Chico kept looking at her would have to be examined later when Dominique was behind her once and for. The plan was for her to call him and go off on him telling him that she was happy and basically threaten him that he would never see his daughter if she ever saw or heard one of his boys looking for her again. Of course with his world size ego he would want to come to her himself and probably kill her with his bare hands. She refused to think of something going wrong because the list was way too long for her to even count.
She stepped back in to the bedroom and changed clothes into the ones she borrowed from Connie, nothing over the top but clean and well fitted to no doubt draw attention to herself. She was praying to herself and God in the mirror , when Chico walked in and closed the door behind him. Leaning against the door arms folded, scowl on his face he stared at her their eyes connected in the mirror before he spoke. “I’m going with you”
“As what my bodyguard” she said moving away from the mirror. She couldn’t stand there and look at him looking at her like that when she remembered all she gave and received from him only hours before.
“No as your boyfriend”
She snorted without thought.
“You disagree” he growled.
“Who would believe that you’re my boyfriend, all they have to do is look at your face and know that is a lie. I’ll be fine.”
“We didn’t have problem with that last night”
“I don’t have problem at all it’s you with the problem, but I don’t want to talk about last night! I need to get through today and I don’t that in my head right now.
“Fine! Either I go or you don’t”
She opened her mouth to tell him what she thought of his ultimatum when he was up on her in on seconds of blinking with a fierce look on his face. “Before you think to tell me no, you need to remember that I will do what I want to do and that includes keeping you here until you come in contact with some damn sense. Because if you think I am letting you go out of my house without so much as an escort and risk your life you are mistaken.” He stepped closer to the point where her body was pressing against his and her breath that rushed out from all of her pent up emotions fanned his chin. He cupped her face gently showing her all the gentleness that he was capable of while leaning toward her face for a kiss yet diverted and nibbled on her ear for a bit before he whispered. “I can play the part, question is can you?”
Her body no doubt on the verge of betraying her, she turned her head in a bold move and kissed his lips softly mumbling, “I think I can”
He stepped back allowing her space and side stepped her in a grand sweep of his hand,
“I’m ready when you are”.
He watched as she walked out of the room her back straight, hair swaying with the motion of her hips and knew that he was going to regret every single day of his life over the past week because she was turning him inside out and didn’t even know it.

Chapter 20
Three days later…..

Finally it was over! She didn’t know what true relief felt like until she saw Dominique laying in a pool of blood and his muscle heads in hand cuffs. As they thought Dominique was livid that this little poor bitch had the nerve to not only call him but talk to him any kind of way. The to make matters worse, she had the audacity to be seen hugging and kissing all over some man. He had his flunkies to follow her and her lover around but told them to remain out of sight and he would deal her and her lover personally. He saw her as his property and he felt that not only did she disrespect him first leaving him taking his child away after she found out what type of person he was but then again when she continued to dodge him and lastly allowing another man to touch her. Crazy was an understatement. He had completely lost it, and proved that when he showed up to a place that was crawling with undercover cops and tried to not only kill her but Chico too. He admitted he didn’t really want their daughter but he knew that if he had her he had complete control of her. He wouldn’t have killed her as she thought but he would made wish daily for death with the wicked plans he had for her and the use of her body. She still shook from the fury in his dark eyes and the sick twisted look he gave her as he looked at her body with want. Chico on the other hand played his part rather well and lost his cool towards the end when they were on the receiving end of a .38 The looks and kisses he gave her as a part of their act was enough to make her wish for the real thing, but she knew that it wasn’t going to happen, yet it didn’t stop her from making love with him again and again when it was all over. Yet now as she laid in his bed looking at his back she knew that reality was back and she had to face it head on. She swallowed what little pride she had left and opened her mouth.
“What are you so afraid of?”
“Trust me baby, I’m not afraid of anything” He said rolling his shoulders while walking away. He picked up his shirt from the floor and pulled it on over his head.
“That’s a lie. You’re afraid I’m going to confess some type of undying love for you. You won’t even look at me.” She said standing wearing nothing but a t shirt, while he purposely and meticulously dressed.
Chico was sitting on the edge of the bed putting on his shoes when she made the accusation. He looked up from what he was doing and looked into her flashing eyes. He sighed and finished tying his boots before he stood to his full height of six foot two and walked to pick up his jacket.
“You don’t have to confess anything Laya I can see it already in your eyes and I can tell you that it’s a mistake. You don’t love me and even if you thought you did, don’t.”
She looked like she wanted to say something but thought better for it and kept it locked behind her lips. She watched as he put on his jacket and grabbed his keys off the night stand. Her gaze strayed towards the bed that was still rumpled from their vigorous lovemaking. She knew it should have never happened but the fact remained that it did happen. She looked back at him, while he moved around the room totally ignoring her presence. She wanted to scream in frustration, but she didn’t. She couldn’t. Everything was messed up, and she knew it was somehow her fault thankfully Dominique was done for and she didn’t have to worry about that part of her life anymore but what did that mean. She knew Chico was probably right and she was more than likely confusing love for gratitude but he didn’t have to be such an ass about it.
“Get dressed so we can go, I’m sure you want to see your daughter. I’ll wait outside.” He said over his shoulder then walked out of the bedroom softly closing the door behind him.
She stood there for all of a minute before she snapped to and got dressed. After she got her life back on track she would have plenty of time to cry over yet another mistake she made but now was not the time. He was right, she hadn’t seen her daughter in a week and she missed her like crazy. She looked around the room after she dressed and made sure she didn’t leave anything behind, the last thing she needed was to leave something and have him think she did it on purpose. She knew very little about him and his life except for what little he told her about his wife. He wasn’t over her death or her and she needed to remember that. It was one thing trying to compete with another woman, but she was clueless as to how to compete with a dead woman and she didn’t have the strength to try and figure it out. She thought briefly about putting her hair up, but realized she had no reason to hide anymore and left the long heavy strands down. She picked up her backpack and walked out of the bedroom with a new resolve and her head held high.

Chapter 21

“Drew I don’t know how I can thank you and Connie for watching over Meesha”
“There is no need, she is a precious little girl and we were glad to help.” Drew said as he watched Malaya wrapped her arms around her baby and inhale her scent.
“Plus its good practice” Connie said rubbing her flat stomach.
“As soon as I get settled in I’m going to pay you back.”
“No ma’am you will not, there is no need.”
She quickly hugged them both fiercely then grabbed her baby’s bags and headed for the door. She needed to get a move on or she knew she would think of a reason to stay and that wasn’t going to happen. She kept her gaze ahead and refused to look at the silent Chico who set off to the side. They hadn’t spoken since they left his apartment and she didn’t see a need to say anything more. She doubted her frazzled emotions could take much more. One more rejection from him either by word or a look and she would likely crumble.
“You sure we can’t take you to the airport? It’s not that much trouble.”
“I’m sure, you’ve done enough. The cab should be here in a few minutes. I think I hear them pulling up now. Thanks again.” She said and started towards the door when she was quickly grabbed in another hug by Connie who whispered in her ear “It will all work out” She didn’t want to speculate what she meant but she had a good idea and realized her throat had closed up stopping her from responding. Before she made it to the door, unable to help herself she look over her shoulder and sought him out for the last time. To her delight and dismay he was looking at her also. She stared briefly then cleared the doorway stepping out of his world and back into hers, all the while fighting the tears that were standing in her eyes.

Chapter 22

“I knew you were a lot of things but I never knew stupid was one of them.” Drew said as soon as the cab pulled away from the curb taking Malaya and Meesha away.
“Leave it alone Drew”
“Hell naw, that girl left here looking more down than she did when she came. Hell no I ain’t letting it go.
“I said leave it” Chico said through clenched teeth. He saw her face as well as her body language and he didn’t need his boy telling him about it. He may have not said anything but his eyes didn’t stray from her.
“What the hell is wrong with you? It’s not every day that a man gets a second chance at love and then you just piss it away.
“I already had the love I needed, I don’t need anymore.”
“When are you going to let it go man? It’s been three years already you have got to move on.”
“Fuck off Drew, I know what I need and a woman ain’t it.”
“Janice was my sister so I know better than anyone what you feel, but she is dead and she’s not coming back.”
“I’m not having this conversation” He said unfolding himself from the chair standing to his feet. He didn’t want to have this conversation, because he already knew where it was going. He was married to a great woman and he had her for five years until breast cancer consumed her body and she lost the fight. Every since then, he had been living in hell. Yes he slept with few women since then but he never felt anything. He spent the last three years drinking himself into oblivion and trying to forget the previous five years ever happened. Malaya was different; she made him feel things that he didn’t want to feel. He felt possessive, protective and complete and he wasn’t ready for that. He knew he was cruel to her after the beautiful night they shared but he wasn’t completely wrong, she didn’t really love him, she felt only gratitude for him. And he definitely didn’t love her. He had no heart to love with, everything within him died when his wife died.
“You have spent the last three years of your life pissing it away, with a surly attitude and liquor.”
“She doesn’t need me, she and her daughter are safe. That was all she needed from me and I did that, what else do you want from me?”
Drew looked at him and shook his head. He knew his brother in law was still hurting from his sister’s fight with cancer because he obviously couldn’t see that he loved Malaya and was losing her.
“I’m on my way to the club, I’ll see you later”
“For what so you can lose yourself in yet another bottle? When you wake up in the morning you will still feel the same way about her and she will still be gone. Now think on that.” Drew said then walked away mumbling under his breath about how stupid he was.

Chapter 23

Chico wasn’t in the mood for anything. If possible his mood has worsened since he walked out of his brother in laws house over two months ago. Every time he would see him, the same conversation would begin leaving Chico with a burning urge to break Drew’s jaw but he knew he wouldn’t. He tried his hardest not to think about her, but it seemed the harder he tried the more she would surface on his mind. He could remember her brief smiles when she finally realized she was safe. He could still see the change in her eyes when she reached the peak, her contentment while she laid in his arms. All of it was a brutal reminder one that he wished he could forget. It seemed everyday though as much as the memories grew stronger her smile he remembered faded leaving him with the memory of their last encounter with tears standing in her beautiful eyes all because of him. To say he felt like shit would be a piss poor understatement. Then to make matters worse his memory of Janice was fading leaving him confused as to the direction he needed to go. Over the last few years he used the memories of his wife’s struggle and ultimately her death to keep him from getting in a relationship again. Now all he was left with was the memory of her smiles and her strength. She would definitely have been upset with him if she saw the way he treated Malaya. What would she say if she knew how he felt about her? She had loved him so completely he didn’t know if he could take the chance to love another. Did he love Malaya? He wasn’t sure but he was sure that he had to see her again or he would probably go out of his mind. He didn’t plan on telling Drew because he would of course read more into it that was necessary and he doubted he would be able to resist the urge to hit him. Maybe if now that he has given her time to think things clearly she would realize that she didn’t really love him as she thought but as he said was just grateful for his help and mixed up the two emotions. He could say that he hoped that was the case but he wasn’t sure that would the truth. He had been lying to himself for so long that the lines of truth were a blurred and he wasn’t sure where to begin. But he knew he wouldn’t find the answers here alone. He needed to see her and then he would know. With that thought firmly in place he started a few things in motion.

Chapter 24

“Malaya someone is here to see you” Johnna said leaning in the door of the home economics room.
Leaning over a changing table Malaya was fastening a diaper on Lindsey’s baby doll who stood steadfast right beside the table as a devoted mother or at least as much as one could at the tender age of five.
“Ok Johnna thanks I’ll be there in just a second.”
All done she lifted the baby cradle like in her arms and then very gently placed her back in Lindsey’s waiting arms. “Now she’s all clean. Feeling better?”
Not one to say much she supplied Malaya with a bright smile and nodded her head and bounced away. Much improved, Malaya thought. A couple of weeks ago she would burst into tears if someone looked at her too long let alone talked to her. Remembering her waiting guest, she quickly washed her hands, praying it was the investor she had to all but beg to come for a visit. The center desperately needed funding or soon they would not be able to stay open and assist needy families. Refusing to think of that possibility she put on her best face and walked out of the classroom. She saw Johnna smiling all goofy like giving her a thumbs up sign and was all smiles too until she turned to see who her visitor was. Time stopped, all noises quit and all she could see was Chico’s shade shrouded face standing just inside her rec center walking towards her with purpose and intent in his stride. Try as she might the smile on her face was lost. How could this be happening to her, not here not now. She had all but convinced herself that her time with him was a mirage and he really didn’t exist at least not in the capacity she wanted him to exist in. Which in truth was the truth, what she wanted from him at the time he couldn’t or wouldn’t give and he dismissed her. He may have been right and what she felt for him was partly gratitude but she was old enough to know which emotions where which and when they transpired into something else. It took her three months to come to terms with the idea that whatever she felt for him was sorely misplaced and needed revamping. Now after she had managed to pull the scraps of her life back together here he comes. As he neared she put on a resemblance of a smile and stayed her ground, find out what he wants and then get rid of him. Simple

He could see the brittle smile on her face and the light go out of her eyes as soon as she saw him. To a lesser man that may have sent him packing but Chico was far from a punk and he didn’t come this far away from home to leave without a fight. As soon as he made the decision to look for her, It seemed as if things moved in a tailspin for him. Drew and Connie knew exactly where she was and it was as if he was trying to take Fort Knox when he asked where she was. Connie who had formed a friendship with her refused to divulge the information for fear of him upsetting her more than he did when she was with him. To say he was pissed was an understatement, but he understood her feelings and he couldn’t blame her. If he did manage to find her would she be willing to listen to him was she even available to be with him and why would she waste her time on a nobody like him. After much convincing and pleading on his part he managed to wrangle the address of her work place out of them, with the threat if he hurt her again it would be his last. He didn’t take it lightly. Now as he was striding towards her he couldn’t help but appreciate everything about her. From her thick swinging mane to her smooth peanut butter complexion to her bright expressive gaze that now showed truly how wary she was of him. When he stopped in front of her, she still hadn’t acknowledged him, she just kept staring in confusion.
“Is there somewhere we can talk?” he asked
She snapped out of it quickly, pushing some get right into her spine and led him to her office and closed the door after he was inside. She stood facing the door for a second longer than necessary trying to get her wits about her but it was all useless for the moment she turned around to face him, he had removed his sunglasses blasting her with his mesmerizing blue gaze.
“Chico” she whispered unknowingly.
He stepped towards her invading her space cupping the back of her head through her mass of hair and aimed for her mouth. It happened so fast she didn’t see it coming and after it started he was relentless to let up until she was clinging to him losing herself. Not a moment too soon he slowly released her mouth.
Now maybe that was not the way he should have started off but he couldn’t seem to resist. He hadn’t seen nor touched her in three long months and the wait was killing him.
“What are you doing here, Chico?” she said softly after she finally recovered. Finally lifting her gaze back up to meet his. To ask him the purpose of the kiss would be pointless, it was because he wanted to. He always did what he wanted to, regardless of the cost to everyone else.
“I needed to see you. I need to apologize for how I treated you”
She was quiet for a moment unable to comprehend the motive behind his visit. When she last saw him, he all but told her that to get lost, her battling tears the whole nine, now he wants to apologize. For what?
“There’s no need to apologize, you said how you felt and I accepted that.” She said walking around him to stand behind her desk. She needed the added buffer afraid if she stood too close she may launch herself into his arms like an idiot and never let go of him come hell or high water.
“No I wasn’t, I just didn’t know what I wanted at the time.”
“It’s ok you don’t have to spare my feelings I’m a big girl and as I said I accepted it. Maybe you were right it was gratitude for all that you did for me.”
He had a sinking feeling in his stomach but he refused to acknowledge it. He had thought of several scenarios in his mind all ending with her telling him what he could do and where he could go but yet here he was and he refused to not try.
“Malaya baby look at me” he said softly pleading in his voice.
She looked at him warily on guard no doubt for the next bomb he would drop on her.
“When we made love that night that was not gratitude. Not for me, not for you it was love.
She started shaking her head in denial, yet her eyes were starting to get shiny. He knew he had to get this out or he never would.
“Yes, baby you loved me enough to give yourself to me and in return I took all you had not knowing what lay in my heart. I swore I would never get close to another woman, yet there you were in my space in my arms, in my heart and I wasn’t ready for it so I lashed out at you out of fear.”
“Chico please don’t do this to me”
“No listen. You asked me what I was afraid of remember? Remember?” he said looking into her eyes willing her to remember those painful moments.
“Yes I remember” she mumbled.
“You were right I was afraid, of you loving me because I don’t deserve your love Malaya especially after all you have been through but I found myself wanting it like I want air to breathe. I wanted you in my life, you, me, your daughter. I wanted it all and that scared me. I told you only bits and pieces about my wife. But to make a long story short, I loved her more than I think I have loved anybody and she loved me and I lost her, but the more I was around you my feelings for you and your daughter overshadowed any thoughts of love I previously had and that put me on dangerous ground if something happened to you or you walked away I would not be able to survive it.”
Tears were now streaming down her downcast face. She slowly sat in her chair and silently cried. Unable to bear it, he walked over to her and kneeled in from of her. Lifting her chin and brushing her hair out of the way he kissed her tears away.

“I need you by my side baby. I know I am a little rough around the edges but your love soothes me to my heart and I can’t lose you.”
She was crying in earnest now, clutching her chair trying her hardest not to grab him but then he had to go and say it.
“I love you”
She lost the battle and launched herself at him holding on for dear life. All the while he kept repeating that phrase in her ear as he placed kisses to her face. He wiped away her tears staring at her with such love in his eyes that she was sure she was going to drown.
“I love you too”
“I know baby” he smiling a smile that she had only seen on rare occasions and her heart blossomed from the shine of it. She shook her head at his arrogance yet she knew she would love him anyway. Her knight in shining army that took the time to heal her heart by allowing her to heal his and all it took was a simple yet complicated game of hide and seek.

The End! Hope you enjoyed Chico and Malaya's game to fine love. Until Next time

Hide and Seek(CH14-17)

Chapter 14

After they got back to the house, he made her tell him the whole story about her relationship with Dominique and how they got to the point they were now. He reassured her that he couldn’t help her unless she told him the facts. Feeling as though she bared her soul she felt even more helpless and wanted to sink into a hole and disappear.
He tried to hand her a shot of jack, saying it would calm her nerves but she refused. When he said it would help her relax, she asked catching them both off guard, “Does it help you?”
“This isn’t about me.” He clipped off closing off any further conversation concerning his life or lack thereof.
“Why not you know everything about me?”
“Out of necessity, my life has no bearing in this situation.”
“It does if you are suggesting helping me and risking your life. The people who care about you may feel a little differently than you do.”
“It’s just me and my alcohol. Satisfied?” he growled
Silence greeted him but the look in her eyes spoke volumes. Pity
He refused to comment on his wife or anything about his life, it didn’t matter.
Shaking her head realizing he wasn’t to give an inch unless he wanted to she stood up and began gathering her things.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“I’m leaving, I don’t know anything about you and I refuse to drag you further into my mess. I’m going to go to the airport and book a flight to nowhere and leave. You asked me what kind of woman would leave her child. The kind that has no choice but to save their life because hers is on borrowed time. I will do anything for my baby and that includes giving her to a complete stranger just so he can’t get her. He won’t hesitate to kill me or anyone for that matter he only wants her.”

Chico looked at her, really looked at her and realized that she was dead serious. She wasn’t afraid to die, she was just afraid for her child. She loved her enough to give up her life in exchange for hers. And all she was asking was a little assurance and he couldn’t even offer that to her.
He walked away from her not knowing what he wanted to say and why he wanted to say anything at all. She looked so helpless yet resigned to her fate to live her life without her child the only thing in this world that meant anything to her or die to save her.

“My wife is dead, three years ago of cancer. The only person who maybe cares a fig about my existence is my brother in law Drew and his wife Connie. So in short it’s just me. Happy?” He asked when he noticed she stopped packing and stood perfectly still listening to every word.
“Why are you helping me?”
“I don’t know. Do you have to have an answer to everything?” he said getting annoyed.
“Yes I do. There has to be some motive behind your generosity. You said it’s just you, then why care about me.
“Damn just let me help you!”
She looked at him for a minute, weighing the cost of her decision. “Just take me to the airport, that’s all the help I need”
“What if they find you there, then what?”
“I’ll deal with it.” She mumbled refusing to acknowledge the fear pushing its way to the surface.
“No I got a better idea.”

Chapter 15

“I can’t do that” she said shaking her head at the three people looking at her.
Chico stood up and walked to her blocking her body from their audience. “What other choice do you have? Let them take her and then we can figure this out and then you can come and get her without losing your rights to her. I told you I will help you, let me.”
“Suppose they find her” she whispered fiercely. “I told you they are killers they will not hesitate to take their lives just to get to her and I can’t live with that.”
“How will they find her? They think you have nobody and that she will be with you. Come on let them help and before you know it you will have her and your life back.”
“If something happens to them I will never forgive myself”
“It won’t, trust me!”
After a moment of getting lost in the sea of his eyes she nodded her head.
“OK, Drew man I owe you big.”

Chapter 16

The next three days went by in whirlwind for Malaya. She didn’t know if she was coming or going and she saw no end in sight. Chico and Drew spent more time together talking on the phone with this person or that person trying to tie together lose strings while Connie kept her company easing her fears that all would be well. Meesha’s constant babbling and smiles gave her escapes to happy places for even brief moments. She obviously knew her mommy needed it. She was introduced to Detective Jake Morrison that was a friend of the family, he was working with them to catch Dominique and his flunkies corresponding with other jurisdictions and he had a file stacked to the brim on Dominique Marcos ranging from drug trafficking to capital murder. The only thing he was as slippery as fish straight out of water and as clever as a chameleon. The only reasonable way to get him to come out of hiding and show his true side was to use Malaya as a lure. Chico agreed but didn’t really seem to like the idea that much if the coolness in his eyes and set of his jaw was any indication. She would have to come out from hiding and make herself available to be seen and possibly caught. The thought brought a wave of sickness to her but she knew short of a miracle which of course never happened to her since the day she met Dominique she was resigned to her fate.
“Let’s do it”

Chapter 17

After the decision was made the days melted away and she felt again overwhelmed by the task and wait before her. Chico had been in a brooding mood every since she agreed to the plan. After they got back to his house he refused to say anything just kept staring at her like he wanted to say something or better yet do something which forced her to retreat to his bedroom. The desire banked behind the anger in his eyes fueled something inside of her that wanted to break free yet she knew it was a mistake and would create even more problems to her already complicated situation. Alone in the bedroom she took her borrowed hat off and truly got a look at herself in the mirror. Her long braid dangling in the middle of her back, she silently began unbraiding it allowing the thick waves to surround her. She never wore her hair down anymore form fear of recognition but now it was required. She picked up her brush and began to brush trying to tell herself it was almost over. Just a little while longer and she would be free. She heard the knock on the door but didn’t bother to answer. He would come in anyway if he wanted to, and he did.
“Malaya---“ he began when he came in the room but the vision of her stopped his words. A curtain of black curls surrounding her made his mouth go dry and his permanent hard on to increase in size. She was even more beautiful than he first thought and his want for her was reaching dangerous levels. He had been on edge since he finished talking to Jake and deciding with a certainty that she would be using herself to entice Dominique to come out of hiding. The thought of something going wrong and harm coming to her made his stomach clench and his anger to increase to fatal levels. There is no telling how he would react if the worst happened and he didn’t even want to think about it. All he could see was her sitting on his bed looking at him with trust and want in her eyes and he wasn’t sure if he was strong enough to walk away this time.
Malaya wasn’t sure what he saw when he looked at her but she knew this was a bad idea. She made a move to put her hair back up when he finally moved from his spot on the floor.
“Don’t” he said hoarsely feeling as though he was losing touch with reality and was in the presence of an angel. As she dropped the holding her hair she dropped her head also. He couldn’t take it, just one kiss and he would leave. But that one kiss was definitely going to happen.

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Hide and Seek(CH 11-13)

Chapter 11

The first night rolled away becoming two and Malaya was beginning to get annoyed yet again. Dominique had yet to come and get her and her captor limited his talks to only when deemed necessary which was to bring her food or ask her preference on certain things. She wondered why he bothered to ask her her opinion anyway it wasn’t like he cared or anything. Sleep was just a vague memory to her. She of course was exhausted but refused to leave herself open and vulnerable like that for even a minute. He of course would comment on it and make her that much more irritated. She felt as though her reality was slipping and taking her into unknown territory. Every time she was forced to endure his presence her awareness escalated to scalding temperatures which she didn’t know how to handle. She knew the signs for what they were which only made her positive she had lost what was left of her mind. How was it possible that she was attracted to the man that had her under lock and key. That blue eyed devil with absolutely no charm, an attitude to boot and a job of kidnapping women and children off the street and she was attracted to him. That thought was enough to make her want to cry. When she picked them she sure knew how to pick em’.

She slouched on the bed playing with her daughter when he knocked once and came in. She had already surmised that this was his apartment and not just a dummy one were slaves were hidden to be tortured. So why was she still here?
“When is Dominique coming or is it your job to torture me?” she asked with a little heat. The wait of the unknown is worse than the actual thing happening.
He ignored her comment while he pulled a t-shirt out of his drawer. He tried to keep his hormones and attitude to himself but it seemed that all he wanted to do was run his fingers through her thick curls and make himself a map of her body with his tongue. Not to mention sleeping on his couch or the floor for that matter meant that he got little to no sleep anyway.
“Answer me!” she hissed trying not to scream and possibly scare her child. Of course he didn’t he only turned those blue eyes on her for a brief moment long enough to chill her to the core then warm her up and then turn back slamming the drawer closed. Without thought he pulled his shirt over his head proceeding to replace it when she jumped off the bed demanding that he answer her question yet again. Her mistake initiated his mistake. If she would not have walked up on him it would have never happened but she did with her eyes flashing and all he could see was the outline of her breast and movement of her hips and lips that were screaming for his attention. It happened so fast he didn’t think about the price and before she drew her next breath she was posted on his dresser with him pressed intimately between her thighs inhaling her scent right before he took her mouth and any protest that she would have possibly thought of. The kiss was sweet torture, her hands at first trying to push him away next leaving impressions on his skin trying to hold on. Only his slipping control and her whimpers made him back away before he would have undressed her and made slow sweet love to her. Her dazed expression as he slowly released her mouth was enough to make him want to keep going yet he knew he couldn’t continue yet he couldn’t quite quit either so with the promise to quit he placed one last kiss on her lips before he backed away. He lifted her away from the dresser and set her at arm’s length away from him. Taking his time to get his body under control he leaned down and picked up the balled up shirt he was intending to wear and pulled it on over his head before he looked at her again. He felt the punch to his gut when he saw what he thought was fear and confusion in her eyes and said with as much feeling as he could muster yet softly. “Regardless of what you think, I am on your side and I won’t let anyone hurt you or her. I promise” then he turned and walked away silently saying to himself that his promise included him as well.

Chapter 12

On day three she ventured out of the room to use the restroom and found the house empty. The TV was on as usual but she was alone. Her excitement and confusion mounted as she checked the kitchen and bathroom only increasing as she looked out the windows trying to see if she could see him anywhere in sight. Not seeing him she forgot all about her going to the bathroom and quickly grabbed her things every so often looking over her shoulders as she dressed Meesha. She closed the bedroom door to make it seem like she was still there and left everything the way he had it before walking right out the front door. Every since that kiss she had been on guard and she felt as though she about to break waiting on the next thing to happen to knock her off course yet nothing happened. He spoke even less to her after that and only communicated for food purposes. She was no longer sure of anything. Three days had passed since she was brought there to his house and yet Dominique had not showed up or even called to threaten her with promises of torture before he killed her. And every time she even mentioned his name to Chico or inquired about him he would get upset which increased her confusion. She even knew that was the reason for the kiss or at least part of the reason. She could taste his anger underlying the passion that was all consuming. Another reason she had to flee, if she was wrong and he was telling the truth, she didn’t want him anywhere near her if Dominique found her. She kept looking around trying to make sure she was not being followed yet she doubted she was it was still early and a lot of people where walking around going to and from wherever. She had walked about two blocks when she stopped at a store to get a few things such as snacks she could eat and some bottles of water. She planned on getting on a bus or a plane somewhere and disappearing. Forget trying to hope for him to give up and leave her alone that was obviously not going to happen. And she couldn’t chance it with her daughter. She paid for her purchases and was about to leave the store when two familiar faces stepped out of a dark SUVs pulling a guy aside while showing out a picture. Her breath caught in her throat and she quickly moved away from the door and closer to the window to look but not be seen while Chuck and Johnny questioned people with her picture. He wasn’t joking they really have found her. She knew those two idiots and they knew her. Dominique’s do boys. She also knew that if they were this close to her that Dominique wouldn’t be far behind when they found her. They wouldn’t hesitate to call him to get her. Her body shook from the fear that the thought produced. She had to get away, her life and that of her daughters depended on it. She looked around the store for another way out but saw none. The clerk of course kept throwing her suspicious looks which didn’t make her feel any more secure about her hiding place. Chuck and Johnny jumped back in the vehicle and pulled away after a few minutes of questioning. She didn’t move from her spot until five minutes had passed. Finally when her legs would allow movement she quickly left the store in a rush to get as far away as possible going in the opposite direction of the truck. She was frantic, she didn’t have to speculate what would happen to her if they caught her. Meesha was awake and whining no longer content squeezed tightly against her mother’s chest in her sling. Walking as fast as she could constantly looking over her shoulder, she wasn’t paying attention to the oncoming traffic and ran into someone, who quickly accepted her apology and let her pass but which her continuous movement long enough for a pair of hands to reach out and grab her. She didn’t hesitate to scream.

Chapter 13

Chico had been out of his mind when he returned and found that she was gone. He had walked in the house noticing nothing different yet when he knocked on her door and walked in she was gone. His mind worked many scenarios none of which were pleasant and he immediately left to look for her. Seeing her come out of the convenience store was a blessing and the fear in her every step ate at his heart yet he couldn’t decide if he wanted to kiss her or strangle her for leaving the house. Of course having no respect for men who hit women he knew he wouldn’t do the latter and with the trouble he was having with his raging hormones for her he didn’t dare do the former either. He saw her collide with someone and knew he had to hurry up and get to her, she was only a step away from running. When he reached out and grabbed her, her scream drew more attention than he wanted. Calling her name in her ear cut off her scream and she did something that he never saw coming. She twirled around in his arms with tears standing in her eyes holding onto him for dear life.
“Chico” she cried softly
The impact of his name off her lips did something to him that he couldn’t describe and didn’t want an explanation for. Mindful of her baby in between them he loosened his hold on her that automatically happened when she latched on to him.
“It’s ok” he tried in vain to calm her but only increased her tears and rambling
“No it’s not. There here, I saw them. It’s not ok. He can’t have her”
“Honey its ok” He said softly placing a kiss on top of her head.
She tried to push out of his arms, knowing that the safety she felt there was just an allusion of her on mind. “I gotta get out of here, before they come back”
“NO!” he said with much force, trying not to think why the thought of her leaving and not seeing her was so important. Realizing he was only making it worse after seeing her face he lowered his voice turning her face back to his forcing her to look at him.
“Didn’t I tell you that I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you or her.”
“He doesn’t want me, he wants her and he knows that only if he kills me will he get her. I can’t let that happen. Please let me go, I gotta get out of here.”
“No, we’ll figure it out together but first let’s go back to the house and talk about this and then we can decide.
“This doesn’t include you, you have no reason to get involved.”
“I am involved, let’s go”

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hide and Seek(CH 8-10)

Chapter 8

She sat down on the toilet seat and tried to think of what her options were. They were few and far between as far as she could tell but nonetheless she needed a plan. Meesha of course no longer crying was silently playing with her feet no worse for the wear. That alone was enough to make Malaya suck up her emotions. Her baby didn’t deserve this, she deserved a hell of a lot more and dammit she was determined she was going to get it for her. She rinsed her face in the sink then sat back down on the seat while gathering things out of her bag. That’s when she heard the knock on the door.
“Are you alright? Look Malaya I told you I am not going to hurt you or your baby.”
That remains to be seen, Malaya thought but she kept her comments to herself. After she brought out the things she needed from the bag she closed it back up and scooped her baby back up in her arms, took a deep breath and unlocked the door. She walked back in the living room, her eyes immediately finding his as he longed on the couch obviously waiting on her to return. It wasn’t fair that he was so handsome, well at least in a rugged sort of way. It was to her surprise that she even noticed. She had rarely looked at anyone let alone a man in almost a year. Nevertheless his handsome face was not one you could forget and lord those eyes. She shook her head at her stupidity and concentrated on a way to get out of here. Of course the front door would be choice but she very much doubted he would simply let her walk out. So that only left the windows. There were two on either side of the door and one behind her beside the table. She was sure there were more or at least she hoped so, she needed to get out of here.
“So what kind of mother thinks of leaving her child on a church step?”
Her head snapped back to look at him, and she could see the anger that lurched behind his now chilling gaze and wondered was it merely he was mad she almost out smarted him and cost him his cut of the money or was there more to it. She didn’t respond, because she doubted she could keep the contempt she felt out of her voice. She almost succeeded until he had the nerve to look at her as if she disgusted him and then she couldn’t not say anything. “I rather her be with strangers than to end up with someone who is related but could give a damn about her. But I’m sure you know absolutely nothing about that considering you are simply my knight in shining armor right.”
Chico knew he goaded her on purpose simply because he found her desirable and it was far better to argue with her than to think of bedding her. What the hell was he thinking of bringing her here. Knight in shining armor, more like dented armor. He drug his hand down his face wearily and blew out a breath, it was definitely going to be a long night. He was about to try and apologize for his irritated outburst when his cell phone rang. She grew tensed
“Drew man I’m kind of busy right now, let me call you back in a bit”
“Yea” and he hung up.

She couldn’t take it, the wait. Something had to be done.
“How long are you keeping me here before Dominique come to get me?”
“Malaya, I don’t know Dominique hell I don’t know you I am just trying to help.
“You’re lying! You work for him just like the rest of them do. As you said you don’t know me yet you are holding me so that bastard can come and kill me and take my baby.” She was getting hysterical
Chico moved quickly and before she knew it he was sitting directly beside her with her chin in his hands in a tight but gentle grip.
“Look at me, my name is Chico Love and the first time I saw you was at the hospital when you lost your id. The day after I overheard two thugs talking about taking you and your baby so I thought to help. I’m not going to hurt you or let anyone else hurt you either.”
“Let me go” she said softly on the verge of more tears. God she wanted to believe him, but she would be stupid to, she knew that.
“You need some sleep, go and sleep in the bedroom.” I’ll be on the couch in here he added after her eyes tried to consume her face. She still however didn’t move until he gave a gentle shove in the right direction and closed the door behind her.

Chapter 9

Malaya surveyed her prison and was relieved to find a nice big window. She quickly sat Meesha on the bed not bothering to look past the window. All she saw was her means of escape and her joy and relief quickly consumed her. Of course only later when she was minus two fingernails and consumed by splinters she realized the window was not going to open. The only thing she could do was scream out in frustration. That too did nothing to soothe her crushed spirit especially when her gorgeous captor burst into the room in pretend of saving the day.
“What’s wrong?” He asked after he surveyed the room and saw nothing life threatening.
Only she didn’t bother answering, she simply sat on the bed beside her daughter with her head downcast inside her hands that were slightly bleeding.
“Why were you screaming and what happened to your hands” he said coming to stand directly in front of her looking at her.
“Go away” she mumbled clearly fighting back tears.
“Let me see your hands”
“Go away!” She screamed snapping her head up with fire shining in her glossy eyes.
“No one told you to try and open that window hell I can barely open it.”
“You bastard you knew I would try and open it! Or did you expect me to just sit in here naked waiting on you to do whatever the hell you want to me then wait on Dominique to come and finish me off!
Chico was brimming with anger and it radiated off his body as he stepped dangerously close invading her space. He would have said something clever in response but all he could think about was kissing her. So he turned on his heels and headed out of the bedroom slamming the door behind him only to return seconds later with rubbing alcohol, tweezers and band-aids. Not bothering to say a word he quickly exited the room again.

He was losing it. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going insane in the span of thirty minutes that had passed since he snatched her off the streets. What the hell was wrong with him? He ran a hand roughly down his face trying to make sense of the past 24 hours in his mind. Every since he saw her in the waiting room he had felt an unsettling restlessness that was more than normal for him. For the past three years after Janice died he promised himself that he wouldn’t give a damn about anything or anyone else. And until 24 hours ago he had made good on that promise, that’s why he didn’t understand the urgency he felt when concerning Malaya. Hell he didn’t even know her last name. Nevertheless, he knew enough to know that he wanted her like no other. It was downright crazy, how much strength it took from him to not kiss her fears away until all she felt was an overwhelming bone melting pleasure. Of course that would no doubt prove a bigger mistake than it was to even have brought her here in the first place. He blew out a ragged breath and tried to settle himself in for a long night that he was no doubt in for.

Chapter 10

Meesha blessedly fell asleep as if she knew exactly where she was and had no qualms about it. Which bombarded Malaya with conflicting emotions. She was happy that now that Meesha was comfortable in the middle of the big bed that she could think of a plan, but sad because her daughter was just adapting to the norm of being in different places frequently. She would cry at the thought but she realized that she was finally all cried out. For one year now she had been on the run from Dominique and his schemes to destroy her and now she was caught and had no choice but to wait it out to face the demon that placed more fear and hatred in her heart than she knew one body could possibly contain. If only she could get away from her present situation she would get out of the country as she should have down before and never return. If only she could convince him to let her go before Dominique came to get her. She had a little bit of money but in truth she needed that to make it to wherever she wanted to go. But if she could convince him to wait once she got out of town she could wire him the money from her other accounts. She hadn’t dared to touch any of her trust accounts that were set up for her by her grandparents long ago from fear that Dom would have connections high enough to somehow track her and find her. It didn’t matter anymore her time had run out and he had found her anyway. She sat on the floor by the bed chewing the rest of her nails off in a nervous attempt to think of a way to get away yet all were contingent on her captor Chico. All of her shoulda, coulda , woulda’s meant absolutely nothing if she couldn’t get away before Dominique or one of his usual flunkies came along.
She was steadily racking her brain for some way that didn’t concern him when the door opened and he leaned against the door jam. “Are you hungry?”
“No!” she said immediately ignoring the hunger pains scraping at her stomach. Which of course only increased when her nose got a whiff of freshly cooked bacon. No doubt he heard it but short of force feeding her there was nothing he could do about it. Which of course only increased his pique.
“You don’t have to starve yourself I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that I am not going to hurt you I am trying to help you.”
She remained silent refusing to argue the point which made no more sense to her than to actually believe he was telling the truth. He was lying and there no was no sense in hoping for different she gave up on her hope the moment he snatched her and brought her here. After a moment or two of realizing that she was not going to respond he walked away from the door only to return with a hamburger full to brim with cheese, lettuce, bacon, and tomatoes and a side of French fries. After setting the plate and a bottle of water on the table he left the room with these parting words.
“Eat it or don’t eat it. Regardless I offered.”
She didn’t want to think about why she felt like she was acting like a child and just been scolded for having a tantrum. Hell he could be trying to drug her then take advantage of her or better yet drug her then let Dominique know he had her where he wanted her. Defenseless.
After much pouting and silently swearing she would starve first she swallowed her pride and ate the food that was silently calling her name. She felt that although she had her daughter’s safety to concern herself with being able to sleep for even a few minutes without being hungry or terrified would be a relief.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hide and Seek (CH 7)

Chapter 7

Chico had to struggle to contain the anger building inside him as he walked towards his flat. Not a word had been spoken since he wrapped his arms possessively around her shoulders and turned her into the shadows moving towards his apartment. Old rage and resentment were boiling and rolling threw his body in waves. It was no longer a strange woman and her daughter but it was his mom and him only no one saved him from being abandoned and his mother disappeared into thin air without a trace. It was amazing that after thirty- five years he still carried those feelings in him and the power they possessed to almost bring him to his knees. His companion had yet to mumble a word but the silent tears along with the shakes spoke volumes. He told himself that he was unaffected yet he felt his anger begin to crumple in the sight of her distress. He tightened his hold on her bringing her possessively closer to his body hoping to communicate without words his feelings of regret for her situation, knowing by the sharp intake of breath and the silent mumblings of release that he failed in his mission. As he opened his apartment complex he checked twice to make sure they weren’t followed and led her in locking the door behind them.

Malaya stood still in the dark apartment clinging to her daughter as her lifeline shaking like a leaf in the wind. Her fear was very present and she had no idea how to suppress it, but she knew clearly she had to find a way because without a clear mind she would not survive. Her captor stood by the door with his penetrating blue gaze beard shrouded cheek looking at her unflinchingly. She was terrified. How could she be so stupid? Now her daughter would pay for her mistake. She needed to think, she refused to let Dominique get her baby. She was desperately trying to clear her head when he spoke.
“I’m not going to hurt you so you can kindly stop squeezing the life out of your baby and see to her crying I’d appreciate it.”
His gravelly voice sent chills down her spine but nonetheless snapped her mind back to present and that’s when she heard Meesha crying in excess. She quickly loosened her hold and transferred her hold to her shaking shoulders trying to offer solace in the face of her child’s distress. He spoke again, while shaking off his leather jacket to show case his lean but chiseled built.
“You might try to calm down and maybe she will calm down. Babies can sense when you’re upset.”
Was he kidding? He had to be, calm down indeed. Here she was stolen off the street probably only moments away from losing her life and he wanted her to calm down. She felt hysteria on the rise and she feared she wouldn’t be able to quell her outburst.
“Let me go and I’ll calm down” she mumbled.
“No what you would do is get yourself and that baby killed. Do you know people are looking for you, ready to do you bodily harm?” Chico barely kept himself from snarling. Stupid girl
“Oh so I’m to believe that you are here to rescue me? Yea! Ok” she said trying to sound nonchalant about it but her voice still trembled in sync with her legs.
“As hard as it is to believe, honey I am helping you, although Lord knows I don’t know why.”
“Then let me go, and we can forget about this whole thing, I’ll be fine on my own.”
He snorted, before walking away from her and disappearing into the kitchen to only return seconds later with two beers in his hands. He offered her one but she looked at it like poison until he removed it shrugging his shoulders.
Malaya silently watched him while he popped the top on the beer and chugged. His hands on the bottle as it gripped it the sweat from it sliding through his fingers, the motion of his throat going up and down. She quickly turned her head surveying her prison. The living room dining room combo consisted of a black couch and love suite set, coffee table with end tables, a plasma TV and a small four setting table. No pictures, no magazines, nothing just bare essentials. Definitely a man’s place.
She grudgingly brought her gaze back to him only to find he was staring at her. She was scared again. She felt the tremble that had started to subside increase as his blue gaze sliced through her.
“Please let me go”
“Why does he want you dead?” He asked softly
She looked at him, really looked at him. She never seen him before, though that didn’t particularly mean anything but he didn’t appear to be one that followed directions very well. And what she knew of Dominique was he liked hardened criminals but only those he could blackmail and or control. She had to look away from his mesmerizing gaze, she needed to escape. They were on the bottom floor so a window or the door was possible if she could manage to get out of his sight for a few minutes. “I gotta go to the restroom” she said.
He didn’t believe that for a minute but he pointed to the door anyway. “You can put the baby down on the couch, I’ll make sure she doesn’t fall off.” It was meant as an offer to help. If anything she hefted the baby up higher on her shoulder and held on tighter.
“She’s fine with me” she looked at him with those big expressive eyes, waiting to see if he would force her to leave her child. He didn’t respond just kept looking at her until she backed up towards the bathroom locking herself in. Of course her disappointment was full measure, no window. Damn, she hissed. She placed her daughter softly on the countertop. She was of course wide awake looking around no doubt at her strange surroundings wondering where in the world her mama had her at now. The thought brought tears to Malaya’s eyes, how in the world was she going to get her and her baby out of this without getting both of them killed.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hide and Seek( Preview CH 1-6)


She pulled her dingy hat down further on her head with one hand while she held on to the sling Mrs. Caruthers gave her, inside her four month old daughter Meesha slept fitfully. She walked steadily counting her footsteps silently trying not to look any one person in the eye. She needed to get to the hospital and get home before it became night. She was uncomfortable at night walking by herself. She knew somewhere not far, he was searching for her as well as she knew from the moment her daughter was born she was on borrowed time. He was coming for her and he wouldn’t show mercy. She shook visibly but kept walking. Meesha was waking up and she was not happy. As a first time mother she had no idea what to do, but she did know that her babies constant wailing and labored breathing was not normal. She had insurance thankfully but she was unsure of how long it would last. Her latest job of cleaning houses didn’t pay much but it was the only thing she could do to get paid and watch Meesha at the same time. She didn’t have the money to pay for daycare and she didn’t trust anyone. She trusted the wrong person and now she was afraid at every turn and saw no end in sight. Up ahead she saw the emergency room sign and knew she would be safe at least for a moment.
“Shh Meesha, it’s ok, we’re almost there. Don’t cry baby.” She said while trying to sooth her daughter before she entered the hospital. Unfortunately it was crowded and she knew her thoughts of getting home before it turned dark was looking bleak. She walked to the counter and signed in praying it wouldn’t be long. She turned to take a seat in the waiting room, when while looking for a seat her eyes collided with a man’s. The intensity of his exotic blue gaze sent chills down her body and she quickly looked away, while pulling Meesha closer to her body. She knew the signs for what they were fear. She swallowed it down and skirted her way through the people to take a seat in the far back corner between a mother of two. She tried to tell herself as she settled in that she was safe but she couldn’t manage to rein in the emotions. Dominique was looking for her and she was trapped by her own making. She tried to keep her gaze on the television showing the news but her eyes strayed to the same gentlemen. Thankfully he wasn’t looking at her, but at the television screen off to his left. She took the moment to check him out. He skin was the color of cinnamon, his hair cropped close to his scalp and a smooth beard shadowed his jaw. He was lean in body type but she doubted there was an ounce of fat on him. His face seemed to be in a permanent scowl, while she could vision his dark eyes boring into her face. He looked good and dangerous and she was afraid.
“Ashley Miller” the receptionist called out and Malaya snapped out of her musing. She straitened herself trying to keep her nervousness from showing. She hadn’t gone by her real name in a while and she felt bad every time she lied, but she couldn’t help it. Maybe she watched too many movies or read too many books but she needed the extra security having an alias brought on. She had money but she was afraid to use her credit cards so she used it sparingly. Before she left town a year ago she emptied one of her accounts and kept nothing but cash on her. Her stash had dwindled down to only a few thousand dollars but she knew with her rent and the few bills she had, it wouldn’t last much longer. What if she had to run again? Where would she go?
“Ashley Miller?” She quickly got up careful to keep her gaze on the nurse and sat down in the vacant chair. She quickly supplied the nurse with all the necessary information and told her the issues with Meesha. She was then ushered into a small room. She removed Malaya from the sling and undressed her to her diaper. Her thick jet black curly hair was askew from the sling and her eyes wet from the tears but it took nothing away from her beauty. Malaya loved her daughter and vowed to keep her safe even if it meant doing something she promised she would never do. She allowed a single tear to fall down her face as she thought of giving her baby away to strangers, the thought alone made her heart ache and her stomach lurch but she swallowed it back and brushed the tear away.
“Its ok honey, this time of year a lot of babies get sick, there’s no need to cry about it.” The nurse said as she took Meesha’s vitals.
Malaya didn’t bother correcting her; she just shook her head and looked on as she worked on her baby. She had a temperature caused by the upper respiratory infection and a slight diaper rash. After she plied her with a dose of medicine and suctioned her nose the doctor came in and wrote her two prescriptions and sent her on her way. She redressed her and gathered all of the pamphlets she could and left the hospital aware the whole time that the good looking stranger watched her.

Chapter 2

Chico Love sat perfectly still as the doctor inserted the twelve stitches into his forearm. His chiseled face showed no signs of discomfort as he finished.
“I’m all done Mr. Love as soon as the nurse gives you your tetanus shot you are free to go.”
“Thanks” he said in a low gravelly voice while pulling his sleeve back down. He received the wound in a bar fight a little under two hours ago and after much persuasion by his good friend Drew he came to the hospital to get it taken care of. Some big guy who had already had one too many drinks decided he wanted to get rough with one of the waitresses when she didn’t respond to his advances. And Chico took exception to it and gave him the fight he wanted. He rolled his shoulders to relieve the tension that remained there. He had wanted a fight for the better part of the last month but had not found anyone to give it to him. Drew would always leave when he got in one of his moods and knew to steer clear of him but obviously Mr. Big Man couldn’t read the murderous intent in his sky blue eyes and challenged him when he jerked him away from the girl. The sight of him bloodied and unconscious gave Chico a little satisfaction if nothing else.
The nurse walked in a stopped short at the look on his face and he forced his face to clear showing absolutely no emotion. He sighed when she hesitated and waited for her to get up her nerve. It was always that way with woman around him. They either wanted him or they feared him. There was never one stood in the middle and waited long enough to figure him out and even he admitted that they would have a hell of a time of it but it would be nice if they would try. She gave him his shot albeit with shaking hands and backed out of the room. Shaking his head he put on his coat and walked out of the room headed towards the entrance. His gaze swept the waiting room for the woman he saw earlier but saw no sign of her. He shook off the thought of seeing her again and headed outside. He could still picture her large almond shape eyes, with long curled lashes, that clearly showed her fear while she gripped a child in a sling across her chest. She was average height for a woman, standing at least five six with tanned chestnut complexion. Her clothes appeared to be well worn as the jeans were faded across her lean hips and the sweater stretched across her generous chest. He briefly wondered what her hair looked like under that ugly khaki hat she wore, but told himself not to worry about it. She was long gone and he seriously doubted he’d ever see her again. What did it matter anyway, he wasn’t a family man and he definitely didn’t have time for a mousy woman. He set out walking up town when he spotted something lying on the ground. He doubted it would be anything significant but felt drawn to it all the same. Lady luck must have felt sorry for him because his mystery woman dropped her id obviously in a hurry to flee from whatever was chasing her. He picked it up and studied her face cataloging every angle and after a few minutes of looking at her sad face and memorizing the address he pocketed the id and walked towards his apartment. As he laid down that night he gazed at the id once again wondering what was her story and why in the hell he cared. He shrugged it off and dropped the id back on the night stand and drifted off to sleep. He’d find out soon enough.

Chapter 3

Chico couldn’t believe he was doing this. It was a complete waste of time and he had other things he could be doing like getting drunk, but no he here was walking up to mystery woman’s apartment complex ready to return her id. He looked over it many times last night confused and disgusted by his interest. He could recite everything that the id said although he didn’t believe most of it. Hell he hoped it was the right address because he doubted her name was Ashley Miller. Maybe his good sense left him in that bar fight last night but something told him that all was not right. Now granted her name didn’t mean anything conclusive but it didn’t ring true to him. When he looked at her face he didn’t see an Ashley, he would ring her for something more exotic something sexy. He shrugged again before locating her apartment. Again he questioned his sanity as he knocked on her door. She would probably freak out when she opened the door to see him. Hell she froze when she caught his eye at the hospital and made no small feat as she set as far away from him as possible. He could hope she wouldn’t remember him but he knew that was highly unlikely, he wasn’t the best looking around but he doubted there were many brothers walking around with blue eyes. He knocked again, still no answer. He listened for sounds of movement but didn’t hear any and again chided himself for his foolishness of coming in the first place. He turned to leave when the adjacent door to hers opened and out stepped a petite older woman. “She’s not home.”
He was taken aback by her brash statement and obvious noisiness. But then again he liked her boldness, she wasn’t afraid of him.
“Do you know when she’ll return?”
“Come back around five. She’ll be here then. She works and her and that angel of hers gets here a little before five.”
“Thanks” He said turning to leave.
“You Meesha’s daddy? Because she could use some help, she is about to run herself ragged.”
“No” He said shaking his head and continued walking. He sure hoped he was wrong and nothing was untoward with her, because Lord knows if it was her nosy neighbor would lead someone straight to her.

Chapter 4

Malaya closed and locked her door behind her and felt the relief of being home. Meesha fell asleep on the ride home and hopefully would sleep long enough to allow her to eat some semblance of dinner. She unloaded her cleaning supplies before she laid her daughter down in her playpen. She kicked off her shoes and stretched her body to remove the kinks from lifting and bending, in truth she was dead on her feet, but she needed to eat something and then stay awake long enough to give Meesha her medicine. She removed her jacket and hat letting the weight of her day fall away. She wanted to jump in the shower but she knew her neighbor Ms. Simmons would be over shortly to tell her the happenings of the day. She felt sorry for the old woman, both kids in prison and all alone, she thrived on the news of others. She shook her head and made her way to the couch to rest for a second before she fixed dinner. She had just sat down when a knock sounded at her door. She sighed and rose yet again to her feet to answer the door. Ms. Simmons never once missed coming over and today would be no different. Unlike normal she opened the door to allow Ms. Simmons in without checking the peep hole and that’s when she realized it wasn’t her.
Chico was momentarily stunned at the beauty staring back at him. He managed to look past the dirty hospital scrubs to see her large black eyes staring at him in what could only be described as panic but he barely noticed as her curtain of long curly hair fell over her shoulder in a thick braid that reached the middle of her stomach.
“You” she said softly her voice fueled with terror. She instinctively backed up preparing to run and scream and not necessarily in that order when he walked towards her and placed his hand over her mouth.
“Don’t scream, I’m not going to hurt you I just came to give you your id you dropped last night.”
Her eyes wide with fear, her body tense ready to spring at any moment, she kept perfectly still.
“Now I am going to remove my hand and give you your id, don’t scream.”
She shook her head agreeing, she didn’t want to upset him. Truth of the matter was if he wanted to kill her he could easily then he could take her baby and that she couldn’t have so she decided to bide her time and wait. Meesha was stirring softly in her playpen and she needed to get to her before she could leave.
Chico slowly moved his hand from her mouth, while keeping his gaze on her face. To say she was terrified was an understatement and telling himself that he was all kinds of an idiot to have even come here was pointless. The damage had already been done. He lifted his hands showing them to her then slowly reached into his pocket and produced her id. She appeared to be frozen in her spot, because she stood perfectly still and refused to take the offered card.
“Take the card” he said softly
She hesitated for a moment then with shaking hands she closed her fist around it. She didn’t look at it but kept her gaze on him. Danger surrounded him and now she felt cloaked in it. She was running out of time. He stood there watching her cataloging everything missing nothing and she felt exposed. More exposed than she felt when she opened her door to find him there. Her shaking hadn’t dwindled but with each passing second only intensified. He looked her up and down at his leisure then let his gaze sweep her shabby but clean apartment. He noticed the baby in her playpen then in a move that surprised him, she stepped into his line of sight blocking the baby from his view and said in a shaky but audible voice,
“Thank you” clearly she was dismissing him, or at least hoping he would leave.
“Yea” he finally responded and turned and walked out of the door not bothering to look back.

Chapter 5

Chico sat a table in the back of the club nursing his bottle of jack trying to drown the sight of her fear out of his mind. Whatever was chasing her was very real if only to her and he couldn’t help but feel the pull to help her. Why? He had no idea. He preferred to stay in the shadows and keep to himself but for some reason the need to watch over her was burning in his veins something fierce. He swallowed another swig of the bottle hoping to calm the fire in his belly. He hadn’t felt that feeling in over three years and he had no inclination to listen to it now. The problem was that the more he drank it seemed the more sober he became and the more thoughts came through his mind. Janice, her death, his failure, his downfall, everything coming in a whirlwind and him not being able to staunch the flood. He took another gulp ignoring the burning in his chest and swallowed hard. He sat back hard on the chair and let his eyes adjust to the dim lights inside. The place was pretty much deserted but yet he had no plans on leaving. He was part owner while Drew ran the place and wouldn’t close down until two in the morning regardless of the crowd so he felt content to stay as long as he liked. He was just about to pick up the bottle again when he begin to overhear the conversation from behind him. He quickly counted it off as nonsense until he heard the particulars and felt a tickle of warning roll over his neck.

“Man we have got to find her, Dom is getting restless.”
“Yea so what else is new? We’ll find her; a friend of mine said he spotted someone resembling her about a week ago.”
“Yea but is she still here and what about the baby.”
“I said we’ll find her and when we do I just might have some fun before we hand her over. Just thinking about that lush mouth and that long hair makes my dick get hard”
“You better control yourself fool, Dom will kill you if you touch her. And I ain’t met a woman that fine yet that I’m willing to die for her or you for that matter”
“What do you think he’s going to do to her? Exactly so shut up and grow some balls.”
“Look I don’t care about Malaya or the kid all I want to do is get this job done and get the hell out of here. Dom wants her and the kid found and brought to him, and that’s what he’s going to get. So get your shit together”

Chico felt the need to swallow the entire bottle. He hoped his instincts were off and his mind was going in the complete wrong direction. Ashley or Anna whatever she was calling herself could really be her real name the hired hands behind him could be talking about any woman and child but even as he tried to convince himself of that he knew it wasn’t true. Malaya he thought as the name washed over him and her face came to his mind. He stood up from the table and walked to the where Drew stood cleaning glasses. He laid down a few bills and told his friend he was leaving. Drew didn’t question him, just took in his appearance and nodded his head. He needed to sleep it off, hopefully that would bring things to the clear in his mind. At least he hoped so, but he doubted it would work.

Malaya was leaving again. She packed up her meager belongings and closed her apartment door for the last time. She had no idea what she was going to do now. She had no family or at least none that wanted any part of her and definitely no friends she was alone except for her baby girl and even that was about to change. At the rushing thoughts in her head she gripped her daughter tighter in her arms. This was the best way, she knew it was but she couldn’t help but to feel her heart shattering into a million pieces. She avoided Ms. Simmons and managed to leave hopefully without a trace to her but it was getting old and she was growing tired of the chase. Dominique was going to show no mercy on her and she refused to let her daughter suffer for it. She met him at a charity function three years earlier when she was working as a volunteer when they hit it off. Of course she had no idea what in the world the man saw in her but she knew she saw a handsome man that seemed sincere in his intentions and she instantly fell for all of his lines and words of love not knowing that it was all a set up. Oh let him tell it he loved her alright, loved her enough to kill her if she ever thought to leave him. That of course wasn’t even a thought to her until she found out what type of dealer and killer he already was. She made the mistake of listening to a private conversation and heard of some of his extracurricular activities and he took exception to it. Only the before knowledge that she was carrying his child held him from doing more damage to her than merely slapping her around, but he told her then that he would not hesitate to kill her and she believed him. Now here she was on the run again in the middle of the night with nothing but the clothes on her back and a backpack full of her baby’s things and food and she was sick of it. She pulled her hat down a little lower and walked briskly towards her destination. Her hands shook with uncertainty and fear but she refused to think on it another second. It was one thing for her to get caught but she refused to allow him to get her daughter. So now here she was walking towards Saint Christopher’s Church with the intent of leaving her most precious possession behind and never looking back. She was so caught in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice she was being followed and continued on her way allowing her pursuers to follow her at their leisure.

Chapter 6

He hated being right but as he thought, she was running again. He tried to forget about the conversation he overheard and hoped with some sleep he would feel a lot better about her situation but he didn’t if anything he felt worse with more assurance in his gut that the mystery woman and child was her. He didn’t care to think about the significance of his search or the urgency he felt in finding her and her baby alright. He walked silently behind her in the shadows avoiding detection, wondering why in the world did she decide to leave at night when the streets are deserted and anyone looking for her would not miss her. Shaking his head he kept his distance and wondered where she was going and how in the world he was going to convince her that he was going to help her instead of hurt her.

Malaya had bundled Meesha up tightly in her warmest clothes and scribbled her name and instructions on a piece of paper, she silently hoped and prayed that someday when she was all grown up she would forgive her for leaving her and realize that it was done for her protection and not because she was not loved and was a burden. She felt the tears gathering in her eyes the same tears she shed the night before when she realized that this was the only option she had. She felt a tingle of awareness in her body and turned to see if she was being followed but saw no one. She turned and kissed Meesha one last time before she ascended the steps that led to the church and placed her sleeping bundle on the steps out of the way with her bag and a note. She was about to turn to leave when she felt the presence behind her. Immediately she stiffened, shaking with fear, which only intensified when she heard the voice in her ear as the hand was placed over her mouth.
“Pick up your baby and let’s go”

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


“Will you have sex me with me?”
“Let me make love to you”
No that’s not right Kay thought to herself with a groan of frustration. She had to get this just right; she couldn’t afford to approach him without confidence fumbling over words. She took a deep breath, looked at herself in the mirror once more and opened her mouth to start her one sided monologue once more when her door bell started to sing. She closed her closet door and rushed through the living room in her two bedroom apartment as the doorbell chimed again. She snatched the door open as her visitor was reaching to ring bell once again.
“What took you so long, it’s hot out here.” Lashea her best friend said as she sashayed through the door and plopped down on the couch with a sigh.
“So what was the big secret that I had to rush over here to hear? You know how traffic is during this time of day and you also know that Jean is going to be going ballistic if I’m not back in time to coordinate the layout for the show.” She rushed out while pushing her shades up on top of her head in her mass of curls. Jean was her overzealous boss that loved to overdramatize every situation and make everything seem personal.
“I plan to seduce to Cole.” Kay said without finesse or hesitation.
“Come again?”
“You heard me the first time, Shea”
Shea looked at her best friend for a full minute before she responded. Kaylan or Kay for short was a petite woman, in size wearing a size six in clothes as well as shoes, stood five foot even in her bare foot, cocoa complexion, big brown expressive eyes, non descript hair, jet black reaching her shoulders. She was a sweet heart, smart as a whip, and very realistic in her views. All of which brought Shea up short when she thought of her comment.
“Ok start at the beginning”
Kay knew she had thrown her girl for a loop but she had been over this and over this and she knew she was ready to make her move. She had discussed albeit in her head all of the ups and downs of her decision and still saw no reason not to go through with it.
“There is no beginning, it’s just what I said I plan to seduce him or at the most give him the opportunity to seduce me.
Shaking her head, she tried to think of something logical to say but the more the opened her mouth to start saying something she closed it unsure of what exactly she wanted to say.
“That’s a first, LaShea Brooks speechless.”
“I know right” she said still looking at her girl trying to see what made this turn around. Yes she knew her friend thought Cole Davis was good looking and she couldn’t argue that point but to the point of seducing him, that was a little more than her mind could compute at the moment. She had known Kay for six years and she was always quiet and reserved to the point of being shy and never to her knowledge initiated anything this scandalous.
“Ok so you seduce him, then what?”
“Sex of course”
“Kay!” She said on a groan. This was not her friend talking
“What you’re always saying I need to hook up, with somebody. For goodness sake I am almost twenty seven and I have had one sexual partner and that was so long ago it is not even worth mentioning.
“I meant hook up like marriage fool, not a one night stand.”
“I don’t need to get married to have sex, you don’t”
“I’m different and you know it and besides you’re the one that suppose to keep me on my toes, now you’re talking crazy.”
“Look I know I’m not beautiful and probably not what he would usually go for but I don’t think my face will matter that much when the lights are off and we are between the sheets.”
“Dammit there is nothing wrong with your face, you are beautiful, but you deserve better than a one night.” She said with heat as she stood up from the couch.
“And you don’t? You deserve the same thing I do, so what is the real problem? Do you want Cole; is that what this is about?”

Chapter 2

Kay held her breath after the let the questions slip out of her mouth. She didn’t want to know if that was the case but she couldn’t afford to not know. She had had a serious crush on Cole since she laid eyes on him three years ago but it never seemed like the right time and when it was she was just scared stupid to do anything about it. Now she wasn’t so scared and she wanted him something fierce.
“No Cole is like a brother to me”
“I’m serious Shea, tell me and I will back off. I don’t want to over step my bounds here.”
“It’s not like that; I just don’t want you to get hurt. I know you and you wouldn’t be saying this if you weren’t serious and had thought it through. But the truth of the matter is I don’t know how Cole treats his woman but I know he doesn’t stay in relationships too long if the parade of ladies on his arm is any indication.
“I’m not looking for love, just a little something something”
“Just be careful, as hard as you are pretending to me at the moment I know my soft hearted friend is still in there somewhere and she may get her heart broken after the dust settles after this storm.”
“I will” she said softly. She refused to think of the heartache that could possibly come from this desire.
“So what’s the plan?”
She sat down and described her idea of seduction while her girl listened intently shaking her head a few seconds at the words and ideas coming out of her mouth. She was a kindergarten teacher for Christ sake and they weren’t supposed to be talking about seducing a man that saw her as a friend or at least an acquaintance. Nevertheless to her the thought of sitting around and watching him date other woman brought bile to her throat. Hell if he could sleep with them presuming he did, and then he could sleep with her.
“Hell girl you sound like you ‘re ready to rape the man”
“No but I will offer it to him, it’s not my fault if he takes it” She said
“Are you sure about this? You know I will help you anyway I can”
“Damn don’t make me sound like a charity case, I can do it myself.”
“If you say something so stupid again I swear I will hit you. Cole or any man for that matter will be lucky to have you in any shape form or fashion.”
“I just want sex, nothing else”
Shea looked at her friend again then said just as seriously, “So you say”

Chapter 3

The object of her thoughts was walking her way. She didn’t bother to try to fidget and set herself up, she had already done that, she made sure her salon hair style was just as free flowing and shiny as it was when she left the shop yesterday. Her nails for which she never paid attention to now sported a French manicure with rhinestones that matched her toes. Her outfit was a pair of yellow, black and white capris and a yellow top. Her students were eating lunch and today they were dining with their parents. Everything was in place, she had every word mapped out in her mind until he turned those dark brown eyes on her then she forgot what she was intending to say. Six feet tall, chocolate brown complexion, short cropped waves on his head, razor thin mustache and goatee. Slightly muscular build and a smile to die for, Cole Davis was a force to be reckoned with. He worked as a contractor and was taking time from his schedule to spend time with his daughter Chelsea. Lord the man was fine and a good Dad could the world be any more cruel, she thought absent minded. Sex just sex, she kept telling herself. She had to keep reminding herself of that every time she ran into him and he smiled at her. She had been waiting to put her plan in to action and with the holiday coming up she had the perfect excuse. He got closer and she allowed a carefree smile to caress her face.
“Hey Kaylan, how are you doing?” He said in that deep resonant voice of his.
It sent chills down her body and she had to force her gaze up to his eyes and off of his lips or she would get in trouble no doubt and mess up her well thought out plans.
“I’m fine Cole, and you?” She said as society and politeness dictated her to. She was so sick and tired of being polite and quiet and alone. She wanted some excitement, some spice. As she told Lashea, she was tired of sitting on the sidelines watching life go by; she wanted to experience it, for herself. If she got hurt in the process then so be it.
“Hey listen, I’m having a party for the fourth and I wanted to know if you would like to come? It’s going to be at the Holiday Inn on Wilshire.” She wanted to tell him not to bring a date but at this point even if he did bring one it wouldn’t change her plans. Like she told Shea she wouldn’t rape him but she would present the opportunity and if he took her up on it then oh well.
“What time?”
“Nine until since there will be alcohol, anyone who wants to stay at the hotel is welcome, and I know I plan to.” She didn’t mean to say that last part but oh well, Might as well give him a few clues here and there to set the stage.
“Is that right?” He said looking at her.
“Yep, like I said you should come, it’ll be fun.”

Chapter 4

Was it Cole’s imagination or was Kaylan different? Her persona seemed more open today and definitely sexier. It seemed in the past when he would approach her she seemed more withdrawn and he couldn’t manage to squeeze but a few words past those delectable lips of hers now she was talking to him, smiling at him and inviting him to a party at a hotel of all places.
He ran a hand down his face to shake the images that was readily forming in his mind. It was his secret pleasure to watch her. He thought she was sexy as hell and adorable of course with her shyness. A shyness that he wanted to coerce her out of repeatedly with slow even strokes and a greedy tongue but he squashed all of those thoughts most times before they could become dangerous. He knew if he even approached her like that she would probably bolt for the nearest exit and he couldn’t really blame her, his hunger was that severe. Yes he dated, and yes he had sex with woman but none of them ever moved him to just step back and watch them, listen to them, want them without even the pleasure of knowing the smoothness of their skin the way she did.

“Daddy I’m hungry”
Cole snapped out of his musing as his six year old daughter climbed in his lap and made her proclamation. Chelsea was a result of his brief marriage to his college sweetheart. He thought he was in love and thought he would be in wedded bless until do them part. It wasn’t the case. Carla his ex was bored within the first two years and went off to find better and bigger fish in the sea. He had full custody and had seen neither hide nor hair of her for the past four years. This little mama with her big brown eyes and long curly pony tails was his life and he would do anything for her.
“Come on lil mama, let’s feed you then” He said rolling to his feet easily bringing her up in his arms with him. Yet another reason he couldn’t hastily rush into anything. Chelsea was most important and he remembered all too well how she reacted when Carla left he refused to put her through something similar to that. That’s why he preferred no strings, nothing personal, he didn’t want his daughter caught in the middle. He knew without thinking about it that Kaylan would be different. And at this point he wasn’t sure if different was better.

Chapter 5

“Do you think he will come?” Kaylan asked for the hundredth time. Her nerves were finally showing their face after the last few weeks. She had been “accidently” running into Cole here and there every time planting her seduction a little further in his mind. She was careful to be subtle about it and still appeared her shy self but her body was burning from just being in close proximity of his. It wasn’t a day that went by that she hadn’t gone home and dreamed of him and his body. She wanted the man something fierce. She refused to tell Shea her thoughts for she didn’t want to hear her warnings again. Her girl would definitely want to trip if she told her the dream she had about her and Cole and how she ended up in his house playing mother to Chelsea and how the idea in itself was enough to bring her to her knees. She wanted a family, and she wanted it to be with Cole. Lord she was in too deep but she couldn’t afford to back out now. The party was in full swing and she was getting a breeze from her strapless baby doll dress that was red white blue in honor of the holiday and a pair of strappy white sandals that added at least three inches to her diminishing height.
“If he said he was coming then he will be here” LaShea said yet again. She was worried about her girl, she had been all calm, cool and sexy over the last couple of week, now her true self was pushing to the surface and she was doing everything but hyperventilating.
“Come on let’s go and get a drink, you need to loosen up.”
“You’re right, I’m tripping” She said walking over to the bar and waited as Shea order four shots of tequila two a piece then together tossed them back, relishing the burning sensation going down her body as the liquor ran down. She felt off balance for a moment then her world righted again and she felt herself relax. She could not afford to mess this up, tonight was her only chance unless she just came up to him and propositioned him and now that she had constantly been in his presence she knew not only would that not work but she wouldn’t be able to pull it off. She smiled as her friends were dancing having a good time while she was waiting for the man of the hour at least in her mind to arrive. He just had to come, He had to.

Chapter 6

Cole felt the shift in the room as he walked in a spotted Kaylan sitting at the bar on a high back stool in that dress that showcased all of her assets beautifully and watched in agony as she crossed her luscious legs over one another and she leaned back and smiled as her and LaShea talked about something. He knew this was a mistake but he couldn’t seem to stop his car from coming this way. His brother and sister in law had Chelsea tonight giving him the freedom to unwind for a few hours and at the moment all he could think about was taking off his shirt and covering Kaylan’s body with it so nobody else a man in particular could look at it. He never knew he was a jealous or possessive person but when it came to that woman he couldn’t seem to help himself. It seemed over the last few weeks he watched her blossom into this beautiful woman and he wasn’t sure what he was suppose to do with this Kaylan. He was barely able to suppress his desires for the silent one he didn’t think he was equipped to handle a sassy one. As he stood in the entrance to the room, he looked around at the guest trying to tell himself he was overreacting and soon he would get over this but as he brought his gaze back to her and found her sensual smile and bedroom eyes trained on him he knew he had already lost the fight.

“He’s here” Kaylan said to Shea without losing her smile or moving her mouth.
“Well what are you waiting for go and get your man.”
“Don’t make too much out of it that it is, it’s just…
“Yes I know sex. Make sure you tell him that, because by the look on his face I don’t think he got that memo.” She said then she slid off the stool taking her drink with her and walking away.
At those words Kay searched his face, and tried not to lose her smile. Something was wrong; he had a glint in his eyes that bordered on sensually dangerous and a determined set of his jaw. She slid off the stool careful to keep from giving someone an eyeful and walked to him.
“Hey Cole, what’s wrong?”
He didn’t answer question, but took her outstretched hand that was resting on his chest and turned walking out of the room leaving the music behind as Brian McKnight’s Find myself in you begin to play. He couldn’t take much more of her silent seduction, the sway of her hips alone was enough to make a man weep and he didn’t want to weep on his own he wanted to bring her to so much pleasure first that she cried with him. He briefly noticed that while he was dragging her towards the elevators she wasn’t resisting or asking questions. He’d think about that in a minute after the doors closed them in. When they did, and they were finally alone he pulled her close to his side and turned her into the corner blocking her in with his body and kissed her with all of his built up frustrations.

Kaylan was melting in her stilettos and knew if he wasn’t holding her up she would have surely been in a puddle at his feet. Moans and groans registered in her ears and she wasn’t completely sure who was making those noises and really didn’t care as long as he didn’t stop doing what he was doing to her. Of course breathing dictated that they stop at some point and they did.
“What floor and room number?” He asked in a gruff voice shrouded by the intensity of arousal.
“Tenth, room 1012”
He kept hold of her hand when they exited the elevator and walked briskly towards the room number she said. His muscles were wound tight and he doubted if he could hold himself in check much longer. He all but lost it as she removed the key from the top of her dress. Once they were safely behind the doors he made sure to bolt it before turning to her.
She looked unsure of herself for a moment then the expression cleared her face and back was the seductress he had encountered at every turn for the last few weeks. He wasn’t sure what to make of that so he decided to put it out in the open because once he got started short of her telling him no he didn’t intend to stop.
“Is this real or is this an allusion? Do you want this to happen?”
To answer his question she begin removing her shoes first and kicked the off the side, then started on her dress. It had two sets of strings that tightened the hold on it on either side. Once they were loosened, she shimmied out of it to stand in before him in nothing but a strap of thong that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Her hands were shaking and it was spreading throughout her entire body but by the quick intake of breath on his part she was on the right track. She sure as hell hoped so because she was going for broke and if this blew up in her face then she doubted she could show her face in front of him ever again.
With a slight shake in her voice, she said in a soft voice, “Make love to me, Cole”

Chapter 7

With a sound short of a growl, he advanced on her while unbuttoning his shirt and jerking it out of his slacks. The look in his eyes could not be mistaken, he wanted her and he intended to have her. When he reached her he was minus his shirt and his pants were unbuttoned. Surprisingly enough with the intensity in his eyes his assault on her body and senses was gentle. He tilted her head each towards him and bent down to devour her mouth with soft and sweet caresses while running his hands in her hair bringing her closer. Her moans of pleasure and encouragement filled his head restricting anything else access. He wanted to possess her mind, body and soul and she was his for the taking. He didn’t want to think of the significance of it at the moment all he cared about was she was his right now and he was hers.

She couldn’t get close enough, fast enough, her breathing was erratic her panties were wet and she was about to die if he didn’t do something besides devour her mouth. Then his large hands began to move ever so slowly towards her breast, circling the nipple with the palm then caressing the underside, she began to tremble it felt so good. He trailed kisses from her mouth towards her neck as she closed her eyes to relish the feeling. They popped open when he sucked a nipple into his mouth and started to suckle. Her knees buckled and she cried out sending her into an immediate orgasm. While she was coming down she felt him lift her up and place her on the bed behind her. The coolness of the sheets felt weird in contrast to the heat coming from her body but she didn’t dwell on it long as he stripped his remaining clothes away and joined her on the bed. She reached for him but he shook his head and trailed kisses down her stomach towards her treasure and she arched high off the bed trying to get away when she realized his intentions, but he wasn’t having it for he gripped her hips gently but meaningfully and stayed her movements as he dove in with his tongue and feasted on her. She begged, she pleaded but he wasn’t content to stop until her second orgasm was crashing in around her. While she was still quivering from the experience, he placed a condom with shaking hands and placed himself at her portal and pushed all the way in. The waves that had yet to subside in her body began again and she knew she was going to come again. She begin calling his name as he measured slow deep strokes to her g spot bringing more moans and cries from her lips as she gripped him with her inner walls. She was so tight yet she fit him perfectly and he found he was losing control. His hips began moving more rapidly, causing her to grip his back and arch her back high sending him deeper into unknown territory. The feelings were too much and the sensation too strong and it sent him over with her right behind him.

Chapter 8

It was hard to believe what had all transpired but yet it happened. She finally did it and now here she was sneaking out of the hotel room trying not to wake him up because she realized with painful clarity that she had been lying to herself and knew that it was not only more than just sex but she was in love with him. He made her see there was a difference and she couldn’t continue to keep lying to herself. The ways he could manipulate her body to his and command her without saying a word was unbound and she had to retreat or make a bigger fool of herself than she already did. He would probably be mad when he woke up alone, but it was for the best. Wasn’t it? He had a family and she wasn’t a part of it and she never would be. Just sex, she had to remember that. She put on her dress and gathered her shoes in her hand and spared a glass at the bed one last time before she quietly as possible opened the door and exited.

She made it home after securing that everything at the party went well and paid the balance. She had gotten home, undressed, and was about to get in the bed when she heard the knock at her door. It was five o’clock in the morning, only one thought came to her mind and it unnerved her how much she wanted it to be. She walked to the door in her robe and peaked out of her window and felt the breath leave her body as she saw Cole standing on her doorstep, and he didn’t particularly look happy about it. He knocked again, more persistently this time and she wrestled with the thought of not letting him in verses letting him in. He knew she was home because her car was out front and still had her lights on. She blew out a breath and knew she didn’t have a choice, this was her doing and she had to see it through. She sucked in another breath and unlocked the doors as he raised his hand to knock again.
He looked ready to kill with the glint in his eyes and something else that she couldn’t name.
She backed up automatically and he took that as an invitation and walked right in closing the door non to gently behind him advancing on her.
“Do you make it a habit of blowing somebody’s mind then sneaking out in the middle of the night?”
“Cole...” She started not really knowing what she was going to say but he cut her off.
“I’m not finished” he ground out behind his clinched teeth
“Now stop me if I’m wrong but before anything happened tonight I asked you if you were sure, correct?”
“Yes, Cole but…”
“And what did you do? You gave yourself to me over and over and over again. So I ask again do you make a habit of sneaking around in the middle of the night.”
When she didn’t answer immediately he asked tersely, “Do you?”
“No I don’t but last night was overwhelming me so I needed to be alone.”
“You couldn’t wake me up to tell me that? Instead of leaving like what we did was wrong or something insignificant.
“I didn’t say that”
“Actions baby”
“Cole you don’t understand, tonight, all of this it’s not me” She said softly reverting back to her true form. She couldn’t play the sexy vixen anymore the cost was more than she figured.
He softened under her confession and knew his anger was steaming more from hurt than anything. When he rolled over to bring her closer and she wasn’t there he felt the lost swiftly and bolted from the bed to see no sign that she was ever in the room except for her lingering scent and the scent of their continuous lovemaking. He dressed quickly and made a beeline for the door. He wanted answers and he wanted them right then. He had never felt so out of sort and he didn’t care for the feeling. He knew the the only reason for his hurt feelings was that he cared for her. No that was an understatement, he loved her and the thought that he had been played and left like some one night stand left him bruised and he didn’t hesitate to come here. Now seeing her as he always remembered her he knew what he felt was real and he needed to see where it could go. He chose his words carefully.
He lifted her downcast head and saw the shimmer of tears in her eyes and felt her hurt as thoroughly as he felt his own. The wetness rolled down her face silently when she closed her eyes and he wiped them away.
“Kay I know this hasn’t been you so what made you change?”
“I wanted you”
The soft words penetrated his heart and he flourished in it, but he knew there was more so he pressed a little more.
“And you wouldn’t pay attention to me, so I thought I would catch your attention, but…”
“But what?”
“It backfired on me”
“I fell in love with you”

Time seemed to slow, as the words echoed in his head “I fell in love with you”
He couldn’t stop the smile that came to his face or the sweet kiss that followed it.
“I love you too, baby”

Chapter 9
She reeling from his confession, he loved her. She couldn’t stop the feelings bubbling inside her from coming out. She was in love and he loved her too. The love they made in her living room was far from slow and easy but it was just as fulfilling. They made it to her bedroom and made love again slower before they drifted to sleep.
She woke up to Cole kissing his way down her neck, she purred.
“Good morning” He said between kisses
“Yes it is”, she said rolling onto her back.
“I have to go and pick up Chelsea in a little while, want to come along?”
“I would love to, but I don’t want to intrude on your time with her.
He stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes, before he commented. He knew this was something new but his gut feeling also told him it would be long lasting if they wanted it to be.
“Do you want to spend the day with us? She has to get use to you anyway.”
“Does she?”
“If you’re going to be a part of my life, then you’ll also be a part of hers because we come together.
She didn’t say anything, but tears gathered in her eyes, she wanted so much to be with him and his beautiful daughter that she couldn’t form the words.
“Tell me those are happy tears and that you’re ready to be with me and my daughter”
“I do”
“We’ll take things slowly at first and see where it takes us ok”
“ Ok” She said meekly absorbing the feel of his body as he covered her body with his.
“Oh and one more thing before I forget”
“Please don’t ever wear that dress you wore tonight again. I might not be able to control myself and a hotel room is not always that accessible.”
She started laughing then but it quickly turned into moaning as he placed her nipple in his mouth and entered her in motion. Her thoughts turned to fuzz and her body turned to liquid fire as she repeatedly gave herself over to his ministrations. It wasn’t some figure of her imagination or the allusion she created but it was simply her. Kaylan Taylor who managed to capture the love her man and she knew that it would take her to keep him.