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“Will you have sex me with me?”
“Let me make love to you”
No that’s not right Kay thought to herself with a groan of frustration. She had to get this just right; she couldn’t afford to approach him without confidence fumbling over words. She took a deep breath, looked at herself in the mirror once more and opened her mouth to start her one sided monologue once more when her door bell started to sing. She closed her closet door and rushed through the living room in her two bedroom apartment as the doorbell chimed again. She snatched the door open as her visitor was reaching to ring bell once again.
“What took you so long, it’s hot out here.” Lashea her best friend said as she sashayed through the door and plopped down on the couch with a sigh.
“So what was the big secret that I had to rush over here to hear? You know how traffic is during this time of day and you also know that Jean is going to be going ballistic if I’m not back in time to coordinate the layout for the show.” She rushed out while pushing her shades up on top of her head in her mass of curls. Jean was her overzealous boss that loved to overdramatize every situation and make everything seem personal.
“I plan to seduce to Cole.” Kay said without finesse or hesitation.
“Come again?”
“You heard me the first time, Shea”
Shea looked at her best friend for a full minute before she responded. Kaylan or Kay for short was a petite woman, in size wearing a size six in clothes as well as shoes, stood five foot even in her bare foot, cocoa complexion, big brown expressive eyes, non descript hair, jet black reaching her shoulders. She was a sweet heart, smart as a whip, and very realistic in her views. All of which brought Shea up short when she thought of her comment.
“Ok start at the beginning”
Kay knew she had thrown her girl for a loop but she had been over this and over this and she knew she was ready to make her move. She had discussed albeit in her head all of the ups and downs of her decision and still saw no reason not to go through with it.
“There is no beginning, it’s just what I said I plan to seduce him or at the most give him the opportunity to seduce me.
Shaking her head, she tried to think of something logical to say but the more the opened her mouth to start saying something she closed it unsure of what exactly she wanted to say.
“That’s a first, LaShea Brooks speechless.”
“I know right” she said still looking at her girl trying to see what made this turn around. Yes she knew her friend thought Cole Davis was good looking and she couldn’t argue that point but to the point of seducing him, that was a little more than her mind could compute at the moment. She had known Kay for six years and she was always quiet and reserved to the point of being shy and never to her knowledge initiated anything this scandalous.
“Ok so you seduce him, then what?”
“Sex of course”
“Kay!” She said on a groan. This was not her friend talking
“What you’re always saying I need to hook up, with somebody. For goodness sake I am almost twenty seven and I have had one sexual partner and that was so long ago it is not even worth mentioning.
“I meant hook up like marriage fool, not a one night stand.”
“I don’t need to get married to have sex, you don’t”
“I’m different and you know it and besides you’re the one that suppose to keep me on my toes, now you’re talking crazy.”
“Look I know I’m not beautiful and probably not what he would usually go for but I don’t think my face will matter that much when the lights are off and we are between the sheets.”
“Dammit there is nothing wrong with your face, you are beautiful, but you deserve better than a one night.” She said with heat as she stood up from the couch.
“And you don’t? You deserve the same thing I do, so what is the real problem? Do you want Cole; is that what this is about?”

Chapter 2

Kay held her breath after the let the questions slip out of her mouth. She didn’t want to know if that was the case but she couldn’t afford to not know. She had had a serious crush on Cole since she laid eyes on him three years ago but it never seemed like the right time and when it was she was just scared stupid to do anything about it. Now she wasn’t so scared and she wanted him something fierce.
“No Cole is like a brother to me”
“I’m serious Shea, tell me and I will back off. I don’t want to over step my bounds here.”
“It’s not like that; I just don’t want you to get hurt. I know you and you wouldn’t be saying this if you weren’t serious and had thought it through. But the truth of the matter is I don’t know how Cole treats his woman but I know he doesn’t stay in relationships too long if the parade of ladies on his arm is any indication.
“I’m not looking for love, just a little something something”
“Just be careful, as hard as you are pretending to me at the moment I know my soft hearted friend is still in there somewhere and she may get her heart broken after the dust settles after this storm.”
“I will” she said softly. She refused to think of the heartache that could possibly come from this desire.
“So what’s the plan?”
She sat down and described her idea of seduction while her girl listened intently shaking her head a few seconds at the words and ideas coming out of her mouth. She was a kindergarten teacher for Christ sake and they weren’t supposed to be talking about seducing a man that saw her as a friend or at least an acquaintance. Nevertheless to her the thought of sitting around and watching him date other woman brought bile to her throat. Hell if he could sleep with them presuming he did, and then he could sleep with her.
“Hell girl you sound like you ‘re ready to rape the man”
“No but I will offer it to him, it’s not my fault if he takes it” She said
“Are you sure about this? You know I will help you anyway I can”
“Damn don’t make me sound like a charity case, I can do it myself.”
“If you say something so stupid again I swear I will hit you. Cole or any man for that matter will be lucky to have you in any shape form or fashion.”
“I just want sex, nothing else”
Shea looked at her friend again then said just as seriously, “So you say”

Chapter 3

The object of her thoughts was walking her way. She didn’t bother to try to fidget and set herself up, she had already done that, she made sure her salon hair style was just as free flowing and shiny as it was when she left the shop yesterday. Her nails for which she never paid attention to now sported a French manicure with rhinestones that matched her toes. Her outfit was a pair of yellow, black and white capris and a yellow top. Her students were eating lunch and today they were dining with their parents. Everything was in place, she had every word mapped out in her mind until he turned those dark brown eyes on her then she forgot what she was intending to say. Six feet tall, chocolate brown complexion, short cropped waves on his head, razor thin mustache and goatee. Slightly muscular build and a smile to die for, Cole Davis was a force to be reckoned with. He worked as a contractor and was taking time from his schedule to spend time with his daughter Chelsea. Lord the man was fine and a good Dad could the world be any more cruel, she thought absent minded. Sex just sex, she kept telling herself. She had to keep reminding herself of that every time she ran into him and he smiled at her. She had been waiting to put her plan in to action and with the holiday coming up she had the perfect excuse. He got closer and she allowed a carefree smile to caress her face.
“Hey Kaylan, how are you doing?” He said in that deep resonant voice of his.
It sent chills down her body and she had to force her gaze up to his eyes and off of his lips or she would get in trouble no doubt and mess up her well thought out plans.
“I’m fine Cole, and you?” She said as society and politeness dictated her to. She was so sick and tired of being polite and quiet and alone. She wanted some excitement, some spice. As she told Lashea, she was tired of sitting on the sidelines watching life go by; she wanted to experience it, for herself. If she got hurt in the process then so be it.
“Hey listen, I’m having a party for the fourth and I wanted to know if you would like to come? It’s going to be at the Holiday Inn on Wilshire.” She wanted to tell him not to bring a date but at this point even if he did bring one it wouldn’t change her plans. Like she told Shea she wouldn’t rape him but she would present the opportunity and if he took her up on it then oh well.
“What time?”
“Nine until since there will be alcohol, anyone who wants to stay at the hotel is welcome, and I know I plan to.” She didn’t mean to say that last part but oh well, Might as well give him a few clues here and there to set the stage.
“Is that right?” He said looking at her.
“Yep, like I said you should come, it’ll be fun.”

Chapter 4

Was it Cole’s imagination or was Kaylan different? Her persona seemed more open today and definitely sexier. It seemed in the past when he would approach her she seemed more withdrawn and he couldn’t manage to squeeze but a few words past those delectable lips of hers now she was talking to him, smiling at him and inviting him to a party at a hotel of all places.
He ran a hand down his face to shake the images that was readily forming in his mind. It was his secret pleasure to watch her. He thought she was sexy as hell and adorable of course with her shyness. A shyness that he wanted to coerce her out of repeatedly with slow even strokes and a greedy tongue but he squashed all of those thoughts most times before they could become dangerous. He knew if he even approached her like that she would probably bolt for the nearest exit and he couldn’t really blame her, his hunger was that severe. Yes he dated, and yes he had sex with woman but none of them ever moved him to just step back and watch them, listen to them, want them without even the pleasure of knowing the smoothness of their skin the way she did.

“Daddy I’m hungry”
Cole snapped out of his musing as his six year old daughter climbed in his lap and made her proclamation. Chelsea was a result of his brief marriage to his college sweetheart. He thought he was in love and thought he would be in wedded bless until do them part. It wasn’t the case. Carla his ex was bored within the first two years and went off to find better and bigger fish in the sea. He had full custody and had seen neither hide nor hair of her for the past four years. This little mama with her big brown eyes and long curly pony tails was his life and he would do anything for her.
“Come on lil mama, let’s feed you then” He said rolling to his feet easily bringing her up in his arms with him. Yet another reason he couldn’t hastily rush into anything. Chelsea was most important and he remembered all too well how she reacted when Carla left he refused to put her through something similar to that. That’s why he preferred no strings, nothing personal, he didn’t want his daughter caught in the middle. He knew without thinking about it that Kaylan would be different. And at this point he wasn’t sure if different was better.

Chapter 5

“Do you think he will come?” Kaylan asked for the hundredth time. Her nerves were finally showing their face after the last few weeks. She had been “accidently” running into Cole here and there every time planting her seduction a little further in his mind. She was careful to be subtle about it and still appeared her shy self but her body was burning from just being in close proximity of his. It wasn’t a day that went by that she hadn’t gone home and dreamed of him and his body. She wanted the man something fierce. She refused to tell Shea her thoughts for she didn’t want to hear her warnings again. Her girl would definitely want to trip if she told her the dream she had about her and Cole and how she ended up in his house playing mother to Chelsea and how the idea in itself was enough to bring her to her knees. She wanted a family, and she wanted it to be with Cole. Lord she was in too deep but she couldn’t afford to back out now. The party was in full swing and she was getting a breeze from her strapless baby doll dress that was red white blue in honor of the holiday and a pair of strappy white sandals that added at least three inches to her diminishing height.
“If he said he was coming then he will be here” LaShea said yet again. She was worried about her girl, she had been all calm, cool and sexy over the last couple of week, now her true self was pushing to the surface and she was doing everything but hyperventilating.
“Come on let’s go and get a drink, you need to loosen up.”
“You’re right, I’m tripping” She said walking over to the bar and waited as Shea order four shots of tequila two a piece then together tossed them back, relishing the burning sensation going down her body as the liquor ran down. She felt off balance for a moment then her world righted again and she felt herself relax. She could not afford to mess this up, tonight was her only chance unless she just came up to him and propositioned him and now that she had constantly been in his presence she knew not only would that not work but she wouldn’t be able to pull it off. She smiled as her friends were dancing having a good time while she was waiting for the man of the hour at least in her mind to arrive. He just had to come, He had to.

Chapter 6

Cole felt the shift in the room as he walked in a spotted Kaylan sitting at the bar on a high back stool in that dress that showcased all of her assets beautifully and watched in agony as she crossed her luscious legs over one another and she leaned back and smiled as her and LaShea talked about something. He knew this was a mistake but he couldn’t seem to stop his car from coming this way. His brother and sister in law had Chelsea tonight giving him the freedom to unwind for a few hours and at the moment all he could think about was taking off his shirt and covering Kaylan’s body with it so nobody else a man in particular could look at it. He never knew he was a jealous or possessive person but when it came to that woman he couldn’t seem to help himself. It seemed over the last few weeks he watched her blossom into this beautiful woman and he wasn’t sure what he was suppose to do with this Kaylan. He was barely able to suppress his desires for the silent one he didn’t think he was equipped to handle a sassy one. As he stood in the entrance to the room, he looked around at the guest trying to tell himself he was overreacting and soon he would get over this but as he brought his gaze back to her and found her sensual smile and bedroom eyes trained on him he knew he had already lost the fight.

“He’s here” Kaylan said to Shea without losing her smile or moving her mouth.
“Well what are you waiting for go and get your man.”
“Don’t make too much out of it that it is, it’s just…
“Yes I know sex. Make sure you tell him that, because by the look on his face I don’t think he got that memo.” She said then she slid off the stool taking her drink with her and walking away.
At those words Kay searched his face, and tried not to lose her smile. Something was wrong; he had a glint in his eyes that bordered on sensually dangerous and a determined set of his jaw. She slid off the stool careful to keep from giving someone an eyeful and walked to him.
“Hey Cole, what’s wrong?”
He didn’t answer question, but took her outstretched hand that was resting on his chest and turned walking out of the room leaving the music behind as Brian McKnight’s Find myself in you begin to play. He couldn’t take much more of her silent seduction, the sway of her hips alone was enough to make a man weep and he didn’t want to weep on his own he wanted to bring her to so much pleasure first that she cried with him. He briefly noticed that while he was dragging her towards the elevators she wasn’t resisting or asking questions. He’d think about that in a minute after the doors closed them in. When they did, and they were finally alone he pulled her close to his side and turned her into the corner blocking her in with his body and kissed her with all of his built up frustrations.

Kaylan was melting in her stilettos and knew if he wasn’t holding her up she would have surely been in a puddle at his feet. Moans and groans registered in her ears and she wasn’t completely sure who was making those noises and really didn’t care as long as he didn’t stop doing what he was doing to her. Of course breathing dictated that they stop at some point and they did.
“What floor and room number?” He asked in a gruff voice shrouded by the intensity of arousal.
“Tenth, room 1012”
He kept hold of her hand when they exited the elevator and walked briskly towards the room number she said. His muscles were wound tight and he doubted if he could hold himself in check much longer. He all but lost it as she removed the key from the top of her dress. Once they were safely behind the doors he made sure to bolt it before turning to her.
She looked unsure of herself for a moment then the expression cleared her face and back was the seductress he had encountered at every turn for the last few weeks. He wasn’t sure what to make of that so he decided to put it out in the open because once he got started short of her telling him no he didn’t intend to stop.
“Is this real or is this an allusion? Do you want this to happen?”
To answer his question she begin removing her shoes first and kicked the off the side, then started on her dress. It had two sets of strings that tightened the hold on it on either side. Once they were loosened, she shimmied out of it to stand in before him in nothing but a strap of thong that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Her hands were shaking and it was spreading throughout her entire body but by the quick intake of breath on his part she was on the right track. She sure as hell hoped so because she was going for broke and if this blew up in her face then she doubted she could show her face in front of him ever again.
With a slight shake in her voice, she said in a soft voice, “Make love to me, Cole”

Chapter 7

With a sound short of a growl, he advanced on her while unbuttoning his shirt and jerking it out of his slacks. The look in his eyes could not be mistaken, he wanted her and he intended to have her. When he reached her he was minus his shirt and his pants were unbuttoned. Surprisingly enough with the intensity in his eyes his assault on her body and senses was gentle. He tilted her head each towards him and bent down to devour her mouth with soft and sweet caresses while running his hands in her hair bringing her closer. Her moans of pleasure and encouragement filled his head restricting anything else access. He wanted to possess her mind, body and soul and she was his for the taking. He didn’t want to think of the significance of it at the moment all he cared about was she was his right now and he was hers.

She couldn’t get close enough, fast enough, her breathing was erratic her panties were wet and she was about to die if he didn’t do something besides devour her mouth. Then his large hands began to move ever so slowly towards her breast, circling the nipple with the palm then caressing the underside, she began to tremble it felt so good. He trailed kisses from her mouth towards her neck as she closed her eyes to relish the feeling. They popped open when he sucked a nipple into his mouth and started to suckle. Her knees buckled and she cried out sending her into an immediate orgasm. While she was coming down she felt him lift her up and place her on the bed behind her. The coolness of the sheets felt weird in contrast to the heat coming from her body but she didn’t dwell on it long as he stripped his remaining clothes away and joined her on the bed. She reached for him but he shook his head and trailed kisses down her stomach towards her treasure and she arched high off the bed trying to get away when she realized his intentions, but he wasn’t having it for he gripped her hips gently but meaningfully and stayed her movements as he dove in with his tongue and feasted on her. She begged, she pleaded but he wasn’t content to stop until her second orgasm was crashing in around her. While she was still quivering from the experience, he placed a condom with shaking hands and placed himself at her portal and pushed all the way in. The waves that had yet to subside in her body began again and she knew she was going to come again. She begin calling his name as he measured slow deep strokes to her g spot bringing more moans and cries from her lips as she gripped him with her inner walls. She was so tight yet she fit him perfectly and he found he was losing control. His hips began moving more rapidly, causing her to grip his back and arch her back high sending him deeper into unknown territory. The feelings were too much and the sensation too strong and it sent him over with her right behind him.

Chapter 8

It was hard to believe what had all transpired but yet it happened. She finally did it and now here she was sneaking out of the hotel room trying not to wake him up because she realized with painful clarity that she had been lying to herself and knew that it was not only more than just sex but she was in love with him. He made her see there was a difference and she couldn’t continue to keep lying to herself. The ways he could manipulate her body to his and command her without saying a word was unbound and she had to retreat or make a bigger fool of herself than she already did. He would probably be mad when he woke up alone, but it was for the best. Wasn’t it? He had a family and she wasn’t a part of it and she never would be. Just sex, she had to remember that. She put on her dress and gathered her shoes in her hand and spared a glass at the bed one last time before she quietly as possible opened the door and exited.

She made it home after securing that everything at the party went well and paid the balance. She had gotten home, undressed, and was about to get in the bed when she heard the knock at her door. It was five o’clock in the morning, only one thought came to her mind and it unnerved her how much she wanted it to be. She walked to the door in her robe and peaked out of her window and felt the breath leave her body as she saw Cole standing on her doorstep, and he didn’t particularly look happy about it. He knocked again, more persistently this time and she wrestled with the thought of not letting him in verses letting him in. He knew she was home because her car was out front and still had her lights on. She blew out a breath and knew she didn’t have a choice, this was her doing and she had to see it through. She sucked in another breath and unlocked the doors as he raised his hand to knock again.
He looked ready to kill with the glint in his eyes and something else that she couldn’t name.
She backed up automatically and he took that as an invitation and walked right in closing the door non to gently behind him advancing on her.
“Do you make it a habit of blowing somebody’s mind then sneaking out in the middle of the night?”
“Cole...” She started not really knowing what she was going to say but he cut her off.
“I’m not finished” he ground out behind his clinched teeth
“Now stop me if I’m wrong but before anything happened tonight I asked you if you were sure, correct?”
“Yes, Cole but…”
“And what did you do? You gave yourself to me over and over and over again. So I ask again do you make a habit of sneaking around in the middle of the night.”
When she didn’t answer immediately he asked tersely, “Do you?”
“No I don’t but last night was overwhelming me so I needed to be alone.”
“You couldn’t wake me up to tell me that? Instead of leaving like what we did was wrong or something insignificant.
“I didn’t say that”
“Actions baby”
“Cole you don’t understand, tonight, all of this it’s not me” She said softly reverting back to her true form. She couldn’t play the sexy vixen anymore the cost was more than she figured.
He softened under her confession and knew his anger was steaming more from hurt than anything. When he rolled over to bring her closer and she wasn’t there he felt the lost swiftly and bolted from the bed to see no sign that she was ever in the room except for her lingering scent and the scent of their continuous lovemaking. He dressed quickly and made a beeline for the door. He wanted answers and he wanted them right then. He had never felt so out of sort and he didn’t care for the feeling. He knew the the only reason for his hurt feelings was that he cared for her. No that was an understatement, he loved her and the thought that he had been played and left like some one night stand left him bruised and he didn’t hesitate to come here. Now seeing her as he always remembered her he knew what he felt was real and he needed to see where it could go. He chose his words carefully.
He lifted her downcast head and saw the shimmer of tears in her eyes and felt her hurt as thoroughly as he felt his own. The wetness rolled down her face silently when she closed her eyes and he wiped them away.
“Kay I know this hasn’t been you so what made you change?”
“I wanted you”
The soft words penetrated his heart and he flourished in it, but he knew there was more so he pressed a little more.
“And you wouldn’t pay attention to me, so I thought I would catch your attention, but…”
“But what?”
“It backfired on me”
“I fell in love with you”

Time seemed to slow, as the words echoed in his head “I fell in love with you”
He couldn’t stop the smile that came to his face or the sweet kiss that followed it.
“I love you too, baby”

Chapter 9
She reeling from his confession, he loved her. She couldn’t stop the feelings bubbling inside her from coming out. She was in love and he loved her too. The love they made in her living room was far from slow and easy but it was just as fulfilling. They made it to her bedroom and made love again slower before they drifted to sleep.
She woke up to Cole kissing his way down her neck, she purred.
“Good morning” He said between kisses
“Yes it is”, she said rolling onto her back.
“I have to go and pick up Chelsea in a little while, want to come along?”
“I would love to, but I don’t want to intrude on your time with her.
He stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes, before he commented. He knew this was something new but his gut feeling also told him it would be long lasting if they wanted it to be.
“Do you want to spend the day with us? She has to get use to you anyway.”
“Does she?”
“If you’re going to be a part of my life, then you’ll also be a part of hers because we come together.
She didn’t say anything, but tears gathered in her eyes, she wanted so much to be with him and his beautiful daughter that she couldn’t form the words.
“Tell me those are happy tears and that you’re ready to be with me and my daughter”
“I do”
“We’ll take things slowly at first and see where it takes us ok”
“ Ok” She said meekly absorbing the feel of his body as he covered her body with his.
“Oh and one more thing before I forget”
“Please don’t ever wear that dress you wore tonight again. I might not be able to control myself and a hotel room is not always that accessible.”
She started laughing then but it quickly turned into moaning as he placed her nipple in his mouth and entered her in motion. Her thoughts turned to fuzz and her body turned to liquid fire as she repeatedly gave herself over to his ministrations. It wasn’t some figure of her imagination or the allusion she created but it was simply her. Kaylan Taylor who managed to capture the love her man and she knew that it would take her to keep him.

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