Friday, May 1, 2009

Make it Last (Lizzy's story)


“I am never drinking again” Lizzy mumbled to herself as she fought the waves of nausea and spells of dizziness trying to right herself in the bed. Where in the hell was she? This wasn’t her bed and if it was she definitely couldn’t afford these sheets, they looked like those ones that came out of Can’t/Don’t Magazine. Can’t afford, don’t even play yourself. Or at least that’s what she called it. Where were her clothes? She squinted across the room trying to focus on more objects, but the room starting moving again. She closed her eyes and counted to ten trying to swallow the liquid forming in her mouth, but almost gagged on the taste. What the hell did she drink last night and where was her toothbrush? The moment passed and she opened her eyes and looked around clutching the silky sheets to her naked body. She didn’t see anyone but it was clear that she was in a hotel, a nice ass hotel. She leaned over and looked at the phone and noticed she was at the W. Since when could she afford to stay here? She started scooting towards the edge of the large bed, she needed to get up, get dressed, get home and try to remember what the hell happened last night. She stood up dragging the sheet with her and wrapped it around her body while she searched for her clothes. She found her shoes and a shirt but it wasn’t hers as a matter of fact it looked like a man’s shirt. She quickly looked towards the bed and felt immense relief when no one was in it. Then whose shirt was this? This was getting stickier by the minute, she just needed her clothes and she was leaving. While searching for her things she couldn’t help but admire the suite. It was huge and gorgeous, nothing but the best. Well at least she could feel good about that, at least she didn’t give it up in a seedy motel. And she was pretty sure she gave up something last night; because she was tender in places that she only dreamed about, but she would worry about that later, where was her panties and dress? That’s when she saw it. She felt dread creep in the corners of her mind and her memory came rushing back albeit fuzzy but it was coming all the same. The bouquet. Madison’s wedding. The dance. Tim. “Shit” Lizzy said out loud. Hoping she was having a very bad dream.
“Good Morning, Beautiful.”
“Damn!” It wasn’t a dream.

Chapter 1

Elizabeth Knight aka Lizzy was hiding. She was twenty-seven years old, college graduate, only child, owned her own home tough don’t need anyone female and she was now finding out a coward as well. She didn’t leave her house unless it was for work, her mom needed her or she had to go to the grocery store. She couldn’t believe it but it was true. She came home from her night in hell and refused to go anywhere. She still was in shock at what all went down. Her memory was still a bit fuzzy she remembers the wedding and how beautiful it was and how she was constantly trying to get away from Tim as he consistently tried to corner her with those green eyes and gorgeous wavy hair, beautiful white teeth, sexy lips. She shook her head to clear it, getting back to her thoughts. She managed to barely escape him each time and figured she was being pretty successful about the whole thing until the throwing of the bouquet. She still trembled at the look in his eyes when he caught the garter, he looked straight at her almost daring her to catch the bouquet and for that reason she purposely placed herself out of the line of sight that normal brides throw. Of course her cousin Madison had never been normal to say the least and she threw it straight at Lizzy. If she was a betting woman she would bet that Madison set her up. Lucky for her she was still on her honey moon and wouldn’t be back for another few days or Lizzy would have rung her neck by now. She had two choices in a split second to make, either she could catch it and have to deal with Timothy or she could not catch it and have it hit her in the face in which case Tim would have came over anyway to “check” on her. So idiot and forever tom-boy that she was she caught it and obviously got more than she bargained for. She remembers the dance but barely what she did remember was drinking some expensive champagne that was free for the wedding party. She needed a buffer, she realized right away that Timothy Ambrose was a challenge in himself and like the other women she wanted to accept but she knew what he was all about and she wasn’t about to stand in line to get her heart broken so she continued to get her glasses refilled hoping to dull her unwanted attraction, unfortunately everything after that was a little fuzzy. She doesn’t remember going upstairs with Tim but obviously she did and when she woke up she was deliciously sore, missing her clothes except the garter and had a hangover for the record books. Tim being the asshole he was he decided he wanted her to remember so he mailed her the video tape from that night. I guess he didn’t like the fact that his loving wasn’t memorable enough. Who the hell video tapes a one night stand? She refused to watch it. She couldn’t’ believe the nerve of him. The man had an ego the size of Texas if he thought that she was going to end of being another one of his sweet things. He definitely had another thing coming.

Chapter 2
She was avoiding him, he knew it. The question was what to do about it and why was it so damn important. Tim sat in his office trying to think of his next move. He almost never did anything without thinking it through. But as the saying goes “almost” doesn’t count. Because all though he planned on seducing Lizzy after the reception he didn’t plan on getting seduced in the process. He ran a frustrated hand down his smooth face. He couldn’t believe he was even worrying about this. Normally after sex he was bored to tears, so what made Lizzy different. She was not his normal type, tall, light skin and slim, definitely not for intellectual conversation but good for a night on the town and a toss in the sack. Lizzy was short stopping in the middle of his chest compared to his six foot four inches. Rich mahogany skin that was as smooth to the touch as silk, dark brown eyes that sparkled when she laughed and flew sparks when she was mad or in the throes of an orgasm not to mention she had a good head on her shoulders. She was petite but stacked in all the right places and she had his nose wide open and he didn’t care for the feeling at all. If he had to suffer then dammit so did she, that’s why sent her a copy of the video they made. He almost forgot about the tape when he was checking out but happened to see it and the camera stand propped up next to the television before he rushed out of the hotel to catch Lizzy before she disappeared. He had to figure something out. He had spent the better part of last week being indecisive and that was not him. She knocked him off balance and she was going to pay for it. He just needed a plan. And when he figured it out, she might as well forget it he was coming for her. And he always got what he wanted.

Chapter 3

Lizzy opened her door to Madison with a fierce look on her face. She was going to kill her cousin.
“It wasn’t me” Madison said with her hands raised in mock surrender. The look on her cousin’s face was severe and she didn’t want to be on the receiving line of that look.
“I’m going to kill you, you know that don’t you.” Lizzy said slamming her door closed advancing on a back peddling Madison.
“Hold up, could you at least tell me what I did first, before you kill me”
“You know what I’m talking about”
“Obviously not” she said with exasperation
“You set me up”
“Your reception, ring a bell”
A light of recognition came on in Madison’s eyes and Lizzy growled in anger but didn’t attack. She knew her cousin and she did what the hell she wanted to do and didn’t apologize for it. Her temper simmered down a bit as she thought of the reasons that could have possibly goaded her into her decision none of which mattered to her but she could understand.
“You mean Tim?”
“Duh Madison, who else would I be talking about. You set me up and you know it. I ought to really hurt you.
“You wouldn’t hit a pregnant woman now would you?” Madison said smiling knowing her cousin’s anger was deflating.
“You’re face ain’t pregnant” Lizzy mumbled walking past her to go into the kitchen. She needed some tea or something. She was agitated and she needed to calm down. She would love to have something stronger to drink but she didn’t dare.
“Aw come on what’s the matter it can’t be that bad”
“Your brother in law is an ass hole.”
Madison looked at her waiting for more to come or at least an explanation but nothing was forth coming. She watched Lizzy as she gripped the cup in her hand looking at everything in the kitchen but her. She tilted her head and looked at her for a long minute, and then she saw it.
“You slept with him.” It wasn’t a question.
“What!? No! Why would you say that?” Lizzy said rather loudly
“Oh my goodness, yes you did” she said laughing
“No I didn’t.”
Madison crossed her arms over her chest and pursed her lips and waited. She wasn’t buying it.
“I don’t think I did anyway.” She finally mumbled.
It was Madison’s turn to get loud, “What the hell do you mean you don’t think so?”
“I was drunk, I don’t remember.” She then told Madison of how, when, where and with whom she woke up with.
“Girl I honestly don’t remember.” She said disgusted.
“Did you talk to him? Ask him?”
“Oh trust he didn’t hesitate to tell me, what happened. But I still don’t remember, at least not all of it.” Over the last few days she had been having dreams of her and Tim getting down and dirty. She didn’t know if it was scenes from that night or her overactive imagination of wishes unfulfilled. She kept that to herself.
“Then he tops it girl he sent me a video of it. He says that we taped it.” She said wincing at the thought of her recklessness. She loved sex just as much as the next when she was getting it which hadn’t been in six months or so but she liked it better when it was a man of her choice and she remembered.
“Well” Madison said not the least bit put off by the talk of a sex video.
“Well what?”
“Stop playing what happened?”
“I don’t know I haven’t watched it, and I don’t plan too.” She added when Madison would have opened her mouth.
“Where is it? Give to me, I’ll tell you what happened.” Madison said goading her into action. She knew she wouldn’t give it to her but eventually she would watch it.
“Oh! Grow up and watch the damn tape, see what happened then get on with it. You obviously like the man or you wouldn’t be upset about it.
“What?” Lizzy exploded she couldn’t believe her cousin. Was she that transparent? It didn’t matter half the woman in GA wanted a piece of Timothy Ambrose she just joined the club.
Madison walked into the living room retrieving her pocketbook. Over her shoulder she called out, “You heard me. From the looks of this house I can tell you being living like a hermit hiding from the man, do something about it. Watch the tape, and then decide what you want to do. If you want him go for him, if not, go on without him. Simple
“I’m not watching that tape.”
Madison gave her a finger wave and a smile that said she knew differently and walked out of the door.
“I’m not.” She said again with conviction to the closed door.

Chapter 4

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She had spent the rest of her day after Madison left cleaning her house, washing clothes; she even left and went to the grocery store. She came home took a hot bath and settled in to read a good book. She couldn’t concentrate. Every time a sex scene would come up in her book she would immediately think of Tim and what the possibilities were concerning his lovemaking. It could be possible that he wasn’t any good and that’s why she couldn’t remember. Remembering his wet body the morning after when he greeted her good morning was definitely branded in her mind. Peanut butter complexion, wide sculpted chest, six pack abs, muscled forearms, all that long jet black wavy hair wet from his shower clinging to his shoulders, that angular face, deep dimples and beautiful emerald green eyes. Lord! She didn’t believe it but it was possible. She hoped it was possible. After fidgeting with the pages of her book long enough she put it aside and picked up the video and put it in before she lost her nerve. She had clearly already lost her mind when she made the tape.
After ten minutes of watching she had to pause the tape and get her a glass of water. The temperature in the house had gone up and her mouth was dry. Just watching him was making her excited and upset with herself lucky for her no one else knew of her dilemma. The man was beautifully made that was for sure and she had her answer. They definitely had sex a couple of times and worse of all he completely possessed her body. A total surrender. Just great! How in the world could she have let that happen? She turned off the video and went to jump in the shower she needed to cool off and to think clearly. This was Tim Ambrose here; he wasn’t the stick around type so she didn’t have to worry about him chasing her down. It was the other way around and she had no intentions of chasing after any man especially one as slick as Timothy Ambrose. No. It would not happen. She thought about it for a minute and couldn’t even believe she had been tripping for nothing, he wasn’t worried about her, he got what he wanted, he wouldn’t be back and she needed to pull herself together. She wasn’t the only female to ever drop her drawers for him and she was smart enough to know she wouldn’t be the last. She got out dried off and dressed in her lounge clothes and settled into watch TV, fuck Tim he didn’t deserve another thought.

Chapter 5

He pressed the doorbell and waited to hear the chimes start then stop. He knew she was home, her car was in the driveway and her light was on. He pressed again before looking at his watch. It was a little after eight and he seriously doubted she had gone to bed, but anything was possible. It didn’t matter though because he wasn’t leaving until she opened the door. He heard movement from inside the house and waited to see if his assumptions were correct.
Lizzy opened the door and saw Tim standing there and wondered what in the world she did to deserve such torture. “Can I help you?” she said trying to sound bored and uninterested when just under an hour ago she was watching him in his glory make love to her like his life was held in the balance and she was his life line.
“Hey beautiful can I come in?” He said after he felt the punch to his gut. Something was happening and he wanted to see it through.
“No, what do you want Timothy. I’m busy”
“Timothy, the other night it was big daddy, why the sudden change?” He said his voice taking on huskiness.
She would not be affected. “No I didn’t”
“So you watched the tape then”
“No” she said quickly. A little too quickly. She didn’t know why she felt like she had to lie but she did. Obviously she wasn’t a very good liar because he smiled that beautiful smile that had females all over swooning and laughed.
“I didn’t know sistas could blush, but I think I like it.”
“Kiss my ass”
“I already did baby, but if you would like a repeat action just back up and bend over for me and I’ll be happy to oblige.”
She groaned and moved out of the doorway giving him permission to enter. It was pointless anyway, he wasn’t to go away until he got what he came for and she was reluctant to admit that she was curious for about the reason he came anyway. She wanted to know what he wanted. She closed the door as he walked past her giving her a fresh breeze of his cologne. She smothered a sigh. She needed to get herself together, she wasn’t drunk so if something happened she wouldn’t have an excuse.
“What do you want?”
“You already had me remember? So what else do you want?” she said rolling her eyes.
“So you did watch the tape”
She didn’t answer, there was no point. They both knew she did. She had to cross her arms over her chest now remembering she didn’t have on a bra and her nipples were tingling just by listening to his voice and thanks to the video a picture of his naked body glistening from sweat was running through her mind’s eye. She cleared her throat. She needed to get rid of him and in a hurry.
“Tim you got five minutes, start talking?”
“How’ve you been?
Was he serious? He couldn’t be. He didn’t come all the way across town to ask her how she was. And she told him that much. While he took his time looking around her house and totally ignoring her question she took her time looking at him. Lord he was fine, but clearly he knew that. He wore a pressed dress shirt, top two buttons undone, and no jacket, creased to the nines black dress slacks that molded to his form that made it almost sinful and had her mouth started watering again. His hair was pulled back with a rubber band. Her hands itched to run through it. She was pathetic. And once again she felt at her worst. He was sharply dressed and she wore an old college t shirt, and a pair of short cotton shirts, no underwear, no bra, her hair was combed out but it wasn’t immaculate, just a pony tail down her back. Must the man always catch her at her worse?
“Tim” she said when her nerves were at their end and her impatience was at its height.
“What do you want to do about this attraction between us?”
“What attraction?”
“Lizzy baby come on, we could cook a meal on the heat we generate.”
“We already had sex, what else is there to do?
“A relationship” he said smoothly without hesitation.

Chapter 6

She laughed. She couldn’t help it. He was not serious and in truth it was not funny. She was sure many women would have loved to hear him say those words and then he chooses her to toy with. She wasn’t having it.
“Get out, Tim” She said still chucking to keep her hurt feelings at bay. She would deal with them later.
“I’m serious, Lizzy”
“I am too, get out”
“No, we need to talk about this.”
“There is nothing to talk about; we both know that you are not the stick around kind of guy, so you can stop with the games. You got what you wanted so let’s just leave it where it is.”
“Oh really, you sure about that?” He said walking closer to her causing her to take a step back towards the wall. Bad move, she was trapped by her own making and his body and heat surrounded her overwhelming her. She wanted him, but she wouldn’t act on it. She couldn’t act on it. If she did there would be no turning back.
“Yes I am and I don’t care to be one of your girl toys or your flavor of the month. I’ve been the playa before I know the game. What we had was a one night stand and I’m cool with that. No strings.”
‘What if I want more?” He asked bringing his mouth dangerously close to hers. She could smell peppermint on his breath. She wanted to have a taste. But if she did, she wouldn’t be able to stop there.
She swallowed keeping her eyes level with his and said; “You can’t always have what you want” She was speaking from experience. The problem with her was she didn’t know what she wanted and how bad she wanted it until it was standing right in front of her. But she was right, you couldn’t always have what you wanted, wanting wasn’t always enough. Not the mention the price, it was way too high.
“Didn’t you know, I always get what I want” He said before he crushed her body with his and closed his mouth over hers absorbing her weak rejection as she tried to push him away then changed her mind by gripping his shoulders and standing on her tip toes to accommodate for the height difference. He didn’t mind obliging her; he bent down lower and lifted her up so she could straddle his hips locking her legs behind him, while never breaking contact then standing back up to his full height.
She was greedy and she wanted everything he laid on the table. She knew she would have hell to pay for it later but right now as his tongue mated with her, she felt her breast grow heavy and knew very soon he was going to have to do more than kiss her or she was going to scream. He leaned her back against the wall, while reaching under her shirt capturing her swollen nipples in between his thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling just enough to drive her crazy. She was damp between her thighs and hungry for more, but she needed to say something, she just needed to remember what it was. He broke the kiss and bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking greedily basking in her moans of pleasure. He needed to slow down, things were moving too fast. He had to convince her but not like this. She needed to know that she was his and he meant to have her. But she was so sweet and hot in his arms he couldn’t seem to stop himself.
“Tim wait, wait” she was saying softly pleading trying to climb the walls to break the contact but he was relentless and she was losing her will to fight. She had to get him to understand before they continued, but he wouldn’t let up. Her shirt came over her head and dropped to the floor and her feet followed to the floor long enough for him to remove her shorts. She was going to say something but he pulled his shirt over his head and starting unbuckling his belt and she lost all capabilities of speech as she thought of the possibilities of what she could do to him and vice versa. He looked at her with those darkening green eyes and stopped before he released his zipper.
“Tell me you want me”
He walked closer bringing their bodies into contact as his hands trailed a path between her trembling thighs sliding into her moist heat.
“Tell me. Tell me you want me as much as I want you. Say it.”
“Please” she begged as she closed her legs enclosing his hand.
“Tell me, and I’ll give you whatever you want.”
“I need you Tim, please.”
That was all he needed to hear. He removed his hands and started back at his zipper, his hands were shaking so the thought of taking it slow was not an option but he promised himself that he would make it good. He took long enough to step out of his pants and slip on a condom and then he took her right there against the wall. He absorbed the pain as gripped his back with her nails. He continued to deliver long, deep strokes until he felt her walls clinch him and he picked up the pace, holding her legs on his forearms, spread wide he repeatedly found her sweet spot until she was clinging to him calling his name. She was his and he wasn’t going to leave until she realized it. As she collapsed in his arms he carried her towards her bedroom where they mercilessly made love to each other making demands and taking chances that were going to take them father than either of them were ready to go.

Chapter 7

“What’s up with you and Tim? Ya’ll two starting to get cozy or what?” Madison asked a few weeks later when they were at lunch.
“Girl don’t make more out of it than it is, it’s just sex” Lizzy said with an air of nonchalance. When in truth she was trying to keep a hold on her heart. He was relentless on her body demanding everything from her excepting nothing less than her total surrender and she was helpless to not give in. She relished in his loving never felt anything like it. But that didn’t mean she was stupid. She couldn’t afford to fall for him. He would get bored sooner or later and then he would leave and she would have to fill in that void. If she kept something to herself she would spare herself the pain he was capable of causing but when they were together he wouldn’t allow her to hold back. He would always notice when she was holding back and force her to let go and give him all. She knew she was falling in love and was powerless to stop it.
“I don’t think it’s that. You don’t see him when he talks to about you. I have never seen him like that. I think he ….
“Don’t say it. I don’t want to hear it” Lizzy said.
“Why not it’s clear you love him”
“It’s not clear to me and even if I did it wouldn’t matter.”
Madison didn’t say anything, she knew Lizzy was just like her and she would lie to herself for as long as humanly possible in hopes of keeping her true emotions at bay. Of course it wouldn’t work but it would put a glaze over it for a minute. They continued to eat their lunch talking about anything but Tim. They were deciding on dessert when Madison saw Tim walk in and be led to a table.
“There’s Tim?”
Lizzy looked up to see him seating a beautiful woman to his left then seat himself. Immediately her emotions rose up in her throat but she swallowed them back down. She knew this day would come she just didn’t think it would come so soon. Fine, it was better this way she told herself even though she didn’t feel fine. She felt her eyes watering and she started getting pissed off. She never in all of her twenty seven years cried over a man and she damn sure wasn’t going to start to on a lying ass playboy.
Madison saw her face and knew she was already drawing the wrong conclusion. She wanted to say something but Lizzy had already shaken her off and rose from the table going towards the restroom. Oh, Lord Tim better have on his knee pads because he was going to have his work cut out for him on this one.
Chapter 8

Lizzy walked into the restroom and pulled herself together. Not one tear fell and that is the way it was going to stay. It was over; it was just sex right nothing to be upset about. She didn’t ask for anything and he didn’t promise anything outside of bed anyway. She continued to give herself the talk, until she was sure she had her wayward emotions under control and she walked out of the bathroom. Only to find the object of her troubles waiting for her, Tim with a concerned look on his face. She wanted to slap him, but of course she wouldn’t.
“What’s wrong baby?”
“Nothing, Tim. Excuse me, Madison’s waiting on me.” She said trying to step around him, now was not the time to have this conversation. He didn’t take the hint. He pulled her out of the doorway and into a corner with his body solidly blocking her exit.
“Timothy move out of my way” She knew her emotions were on the rise again and if he didn’t move she wouldn’t be able to control her reaction.
Tim knew she was mad, she only called him Timothy when she was upset not to mention she wouldn’t look at him. He had to start talking and make it good, because he knew she was already walking away from him and he couldn’t have that not now when he realized he loved her. Of course now was not the time to confess that but he had to say something.
“Lizzy, this is not what it looks like, she is my client, nothing else.”
She snorted, crossing her arms over her chest to establish some space between them. She couldn’t believe she put herself in this situation. She knew this was going to happen, she knew it wouldn’t last but she wanted it so bad she overlooked her common sense. Stupid.
“You don’t have to explain yourself, we both knew it was only a matter of time anyway. No sweat. I was just a substitute until something better came along.” She was feeling worse the more she talked but she needed to get this over and done with because after today she was not going to see him again. It hurt too much. No more lying to herself, she was in love with Tim Ambrose and she admitted that she was in way over her head.
He obviously took exception to what she was saying because his eyes took on wildness and he stepped closer to her completely closing her in. “I don’t substitute when I already have what I want. And that’s you.”
“Well I guess you need to start because you don’t have me. Now please move” She said her voice breaking. She would not cry here and definitely not in front of him.
If possible he leaned closer; he saw everything and missed nothing. He saw the brightness of her eyes and felt his anger crumble. She was hurting and he caused it. He leaned his forehead on hers and forced her to look at him. He told himself that he was going to do this just right but he couldn’t afford to wait. Later might prove to be too late.
“Elizabeth Knight I love you and I am not letting you walk away from me. Now you’re going to have to trust me that lady is my client you can come and meet her, hell you can join us if you want to but you are not leaving me. I love you and I know you love me.
“Tim I can’t do this with you.”
“I know now is not the time, we’ll talk about it later”
“No, I mean period. I can’t do this. Us? It’s too much.”
“Lizzy what are you saying?” He said feeling a fierce tightening in his chest. He had to back away trying to relieve the tension.
“I ‘m done” She said as a unwanted tear dropped from her eye and she squeezed past him walking away from him and all that he had to give.

Chapter 9

“Clint you have got to talk to Tim. Lizzy is miserable and I know he is too. You should have seen her face when we left the restaurant, she was fighting with all of her strength not to cry but it was a losing battle. As soon as the doors closed her tears fell. And Tim didn’t look any better; I don’t think he stayed five minutes after we left. I could have sworn I saw him drive by her house when I dropped her off but he didn’t stop. This is all my fault.” Madison grumbled feeling awful. She knew all too well how it was to feel crushed regardless of how misplaced those feelings were it still hurt. Whether Lizzy wanted to admit it, she was in love and she was miserable without Tim.
Clint wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her cheek as she leaned into him. He closed his eyes treasuring her and the moments they have together. He knew his brother was hurting and he also knew that he would figure it out sooner or later.
“Maybe I should go over there and try to talk to her again.” Madison said trying to get up, but Clint wouldn’t let her up.
“No Maddie, when we were going through did you want to listen to Lizzy when she tried to talk to you?”
“That was different” She grumbled but sat back with no argument. She knew where he was going even if she didn’t like it.
“Don’t worry they’ll figure it out. They have what it takes they just have to figure how bad they want it.

Chapter 10

Over the last week, Tim had spent a small fortune sending her flowers, jewelry, chocolates, teddy bears and anything else you can think of. Lizzy was starting to weaken and she couldn’t have that. She only had one heart and it was in bad shape. She was lacking sleep, missing his warm body, his insatiable loving, his smile, his overly large ego. In a nut shell she missed him. God, she was pathetic. She was slowly maneuvering around her living room trying to move objects when she heard the door bell. She groaned, she didn’t have any more room in her house for flowers, or teddy bears. Lord what else was there to buy? She thought as she opened the door.
“Tim” she said breathlessly. She was such a girl.
“Hey baby” He said smiling a bit hesitantly.
“What are you doing here?”
“I had to see you, plus I was running out of things to buy you”
She laughed as he hoped she would and he relaxed a little but he still had a little ways to go. She hadn’t invited him in yet and he wanted to come in. He needed to come in.
“I came by to talk to you.”
She drew herself up bracing herself. She knew the pain she had suffered was real this past week and even if she was wrong in her assumptions, there would be other times when she might not be and she couldn’t take a chance on that.
“Tim, there’s nothing to say. What we had whatever it was is past. Let’s just move on and try to be friends.” She said. Of course she didn’t mean any of it, but it sounded nice. That’s what adult woman does right? They end relationships and become friends. When on the inside she was pitching a fit knowing that if she couldn’t call him her man she damn sure wouldn’t call him friend.
“Lizzy I don’t want to be your friend and I want to be your man. The smile in your eyes, the joy in your heart, the one you love above all others. That’s what I want to be because that is what you are to me.”
Her eyes were acting up on her again. Off and on all week she was a running faucet crying every time she thought of him. Now here he was on her porch sprouting off all the right words at lord knows the wrong time and she was going to cry.
“I can’t” she said with difficulty. It was better this way. Yes it hurt saying no to him but it would hurt worst later if he walked away.
“You can’t or you won’t? Look I know I’m a gamble, and I know I sometimes I’m overpowering but I love you and I know we can make this work.”
She didn’t speak, she couldn’t. If she did, she would cry. She needed her wits about her, she couldn’t falter now, but the look on his face the pain in his voice sounded so real. Could she trust his words to be true? Could she step out on that line again, without anything holding her up but him? Could she? Did she dare? She stood there weighing thoughts in her mind all the while conscience of him getting closer and closer to her. She couldn’t allow him to side track her. She backed up. Mistake, for he took advantage and walked in the house closing them in. Her heart rate kicked up, her senses were on high alert. She wasn’t scared of him of that she was sure, but she was aware of him. His eyes took on that predatory look, the one he got right before he walked her out of her clothes and made her crazy for him. God she missed that look and the joys that followed but she couldn’t let that decide for her.
“Do you love me?”
“Tim, look”
“Do you love me? I know this is crazy and a whole lot of time hasn’t passed but I want to know? Every time I touched you, you told me you did with your eyes, your responses, the freedom you showed in loving me but you’ve never said it. Do you?”
“Yes. But that’s the problem Tim. I don’t want too.”
He looked liked he understood but he wasn’t giving up. She had to make him see it from her side.
“I’m scared, loving you gives you the power to hurt me and I don’t want anyone to have that much power over me.”
“I don’t want to control you baby, I want to love you mind, body and soul”
“What exactly are you saying?”
“I want you to be mine. I want to make this last forever.” He said closing the distance between them, placing his large hands on her waist. He lifted her chin and captured her bottom lip softly between his teeth, then rimmed her partly open mouth with his tongue all the while his hands were moving strategically around her body eliciting soft sighs and moans from her mouth. He wanted her to understand that he was already hers mind, body and soul. He didn’t know how she did it but he was in tune to her every need and desire as well as her pain. He knew last week was tough on her because he was overwhelmed with both of their pain.
“Tim wait” she said breathlessly backing away from him. She had to get this out now or she never would.
“I need to know if I will be enough for you. Because I can’t take the thought of you walking away from me.”
He grabbed her hands and placed it on his straining need.
“Does that answer your question? You are all I want and I all I need. Everything else we’ll figure out together. Alright”
“Yea, but Tim…”
“Shh, enough talking for now, right now I have some work to do that is way overdue.” He said picking her up and skirting his way around all her gifts and finally into her bedroom. He removed her clothes and laid her on the bed. He was careful to keep his clothes on, if he didn’t his good intentions would go out of the door. He started at her forehead and worked his way down until she was dripping honey from her center and panting his name. He finally relented after making her come twice and started to undress. His hands were shaking and he damn near ripped his shirt in half trying to get it off. After he readied himself with a condom he placed himself in between her legs and prepared to enter her when she used his momentum and reversed their positions, straddling his thighs. Lord, she loved this man. She placed her hands on his chest and settled herself down on him until she filled completely. She moved slowly at first savoring the feel of him as he gripped her hips meeting her pound for pound.
“I love you Lizzy
“I love you Tim”
“Slow down baby, make it last” He said holding her hips in place. If she kept it up it would be over before it began.
“I couldn’t agree more” she said taking them both on a slow ride to heaven. The beginning of many for years to come!

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