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Hide and Seek(CH 8-10)

Chapter 8

She sat down on the toilet seat and tried to think of what her options were. They were few and far between as far as she could tell but nonetheless she needed a plan. Meesha of course no longer crying was silently playing with her feet no worse for the wear. That alone was enough to make Malaya suck up her emotions. Her baby didn’t deserve this, she deserved a hell of a lot more and dammit she was determined she was going to get it for her. She rinsed her face in the sink then sat back down on the seat while gathering things out of her bag. That’s when she heard the knock on the door.
“Are you alright? Look Malaya I told you I am not going to hurt you or your baby.”
That remains to be seen, Malaya thought but she kept her comments to herself. After she brought out the things she needed from the bag she closed it back up and scooped her baby back up in her arms, took a deep breath and unlocked the door. She walked back in the living room, her eyes immediately finding his as he longed on the couch obviously waiting on her to return. It wasn’t fair that he was so handsome, well at least in a rugged sort of way. It was to her surprise that she even noticed. She had rarely looked at anyone let alone a man in almost a year. Nevertheless his handsome face was not one you could forget and lord those eyes. She shook her head at her stupidity and concentrated on a way to get out of here. Of course the front door would be choice but she very much doubted he would simply let her walk out. So that only left the windows. There were two on either side of the door and one behind her beside the table. She was sure there were more or at least she hoped so, she needed to get out of here.
“So what kind of mother thinks of leaving her child on a church step?”
Her head snapped back to look at him, and she could see the anger that lurched behind his now chilling gaze and wondered was it merely he was mad she almost out smarted him and cost him his cut of the money or was there more to it. She didn’t respond, because she doubted she could keep the contempt she felt out of her voice. She almost succeeded until he had the nerve to look at her as if she disgusted him and then she couldn’t not say anything. “I rather her be with strangers than to end up with someone who is related but could give a damn about her. But I’m sure you know absolutely nothing about that considering you are simply my knight in shining armor right.”
Chico knew he goaded her on purpose simply because he found her desirable and it was far better to argue with her than to think of bedding her. What the hell was he thinking of bringing her here. Knight in shining armor, more like dented armor. He drug his hand down his face wearily and blew out a breath, it was definitely going to be a long night. He was about to try and apologize for his irritated outburst when his cell phone rang. She grew tensed
“Drew man I’m kind of busy right now, let me call you back in a bit”
“Yea” and he hung up.

She couldn’t take it, the wait. Something had to be done.
“How long are you keeping me here before Dominique come to get me?”
“Malaya, I don’t know Dominique hell I don’t know you I am just trying to help.
“You’re lying! You work for him just like the rest of them do. As you said you don’t know me yet you are holding me so that bastard can come and kill me and take my baby.” She was getting hysterical
Chico moved quickly and before she knew it he was sitting directly beside her with her chin in his hands in a tight but gentle grip.
“Look at me, my name is Chico Love and the first time I saw you was at the hospital when you lost your id. The day after I overheard two thugs talking about taking you and your baby so I thought to help. I’m not going to hurt you or let anyone else hurt you either.”
“Let me go” she said softly on the verge of more tears. God she wanted to believe him, but she would be stupid to, she knew that.
“You need some sleep, go and sleep in the bedroom.” I’ll be on the couch in here he added after her eyes tried to consume her face. She still however didn’t move until he gave a gentle shove in the right direction and closed the door behind her.

Chapter 9

Malaya surveyed her prison and was relieved to find a nice big window. She quickly sat Meesha on the bed not bothering to look past the window. All she saw was her means of escape and her joy and relief quickly consumed her. Of course only later when she was minus two fingernails and consumed by splinters she realized the window was not going to open. The only thing she could do was scream out in frustration. That too did nothing to soothe her crushed spirit especially when her gorgeous captor burst into the room in pretend of saving the day.
“What’s wrong?” He asked after he surveyed the room and saw nothing life threatening.
Only she didn’t bother answering, she simply sat on the bed beside her daughter with her head downcast inside her hands that were slightly bleeding.
“Why were you screaming and what happened to your hands” he said coming to stand directly in front of her looking at her.
“Go away” she mumbled clearly fighting back tears.
“Let me see your hands”
“Go away!” She screamed snapping her head up with fire shining in her glossy eyes.
“No one told you to try and open that window hell I can barely open it.”
“You bastard you knew I would try and open it! Or did you expect me to just sit in here naked waiting on you to do whatever the hell you want to me then wait on Dominique to come and finish me off!
Chico was brimming with anger and it radiated off his body as he stepped dangerously close invading her space. He would have said something clever in response but all he could think about was kissing her. So he turned on his heels and headed out of the bedroom slamming the door behind him only to return seconds later with rubbing alcohol, tweezers and band-aids. Not bothering to say a word he quickly exited the room again.

He was losing it. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going insane in the span of thirty minutes that had passed since he snatched her off the streets. What the hell was wrong with him? He ran a hand roughly down his face trying to make sense of the past 24 hours in his mind. Every since he saw her in the waiting room he had felt an unsettling restlessness that was more than normal for him. For the past three years after Janice died he promised himself that he wouldn’t give a damn about anything or anyone else. And until 24 hours ago he had made good on that promise, that’s why he didn’t understand the urgency he felt when concerning Malaya. Hell he didn’t even know her last name. Nevertheless, he knew enough to know that he wanted her like no other. It was downright crazy, how much strength it took from him to not kiss her fears away until all she felt was an overwhelming bone melting pleasure. Of course that would no doubt prove a bigger mistake than it was to even have brought her here in the first place. He blew out a ragged breath and tried to settle himself in for a long night that he was no doubt in for.

Chapter 10

Meesha blessedly fell asleep as if she knew exactly where she was and had no qualms about it. Which bombarded Malaya with conflicting emotions. She was happy that now that Meesha was comfortable in the middle of the big bed that she could think of a plan, but sad because her daughter was just adapting to the norm of being in different places frequently. She would cry at the thought but she realized that she was finally all cried out. For one year now she had been on the run from Dominique and his schemes to destroy her and now she was caught and had no choice but to wait it out to face the demon that placed more fear and hatred in her heart than she knew one body could possibly contain. If only she could get away from her present situation she would get out of the country as she should have down before and never return. If only she could convince him to let her go before Dominique came to get her. She had a little bit of money but in truth she needed that to make it to wherever she wanted to go. But if she could convince him to wait once she got out of town she could wire him the money from her other accounts. She hadn’t dared to touch any of her trust accounts that were set up for her by her grandparents long ago from fear that Dom would have connections high enough to somehow track her and find her. It didn’t matter anymore her time had run out and he had found her anyway. She sat on the floor by the bed chewing the rest of her nails off in a nervous attempt to think of a way to get away yet all were contingent on her captor Chico. All of her shoulda, coulda , woulda’s meant absolutely nothing if she couldn’t get away before Dominique or one of his usual flunkies came along.
She was steadily racking her brain for some way that didn’t concern him when the door opened and he leaned against the door jam. “Are you hungry?”
“No!” she said immediately ignoring the hunger pains scraping at her stomach. Which of course only increased when her nose got a whiff of freshly cooked bacon. No doubt he heard it but short of force feeding her there was nothing he could do about it. Which of course only increased his pique.
“You don’t have to starve yourself I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that I am not going to hurt you I am trying to help you.”
She remained silent refusing to argue the point which made no more sense to her than to actually believe he was telling the truth. He was lying and there no was no sense in hoping for different she gave up on her hope the moment he snatched her and brought her here. After a moment or two of realizing that she was not going to respond he walked away from the door only to return with a hamburger full to brim with cheese, lettuce, bacon, and tomatoes and a side of French fries. After setting the plate and a bottle of water on the table he left the room with these parting words.
“Eat it or don’t eat it. Regardless I offered.”
She didn’t want to think about why she felt like she was acting like a child and just been scolded for having a tantrum. Hell he could be trying to drug her then take advantage of her or better yet drug her then let Dominique know he had her where he wanted her. Defenseless.
After much pouting and silently swearing she would starve first she swallowed her pride and ate the food that was silently calling her name. She felt that although she had her daughter’s safety to concern herself with being able to sleep for even a few minutes without being hungry or terrified would be a relief.

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