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Hide and Seek(CH 11-13)

Chapter 11

The first night rolled away becoming two and Malaya was beginning to get annoyed yet again. Dominique had yet to come and get her and her captor limited his talks to only when deemed necessary which was to bring her food or ask her preference on certain things. She wondered why he bothered to ask her her opinion anyway it wasn’t like he cared or anything. Sleep was just a vague memory to her. She of course was exhausted but refused to leave herself open and vulnerable like that for even a minute. He of course would comment on it and make her that much more irritated. She felt as though her reality was slipping and taking her into unknown territory. Every time she was forced to endure his presence her awareness escalated to scalding temperatures which she didn’t know how to handle. She knew the signs for what they were which only made her positive she had lost what was left of her mind. How was it possible that she was attracted to the man that had her under lock and key. That blue eyed devil with absolutely no charm, an attitude to boot and a job of kidnapping women and children off the street and she was attracted to him. That thought was enough to make her want to cry. When she picked them she sure knew how to pick em’.

She slouched on the bed playing with her daughter when he knocked once and came in. She had already surmised that this was his apartment and not just a dummy one were slaves were hidden to be tortured. So why was she still here?
“When is Dominique coming or is it your job to torture me?” she asked with a little heat. The wait of the unknown is worse than the actual thing happening.
He ignored her comment while he pulled a t-shirt out of his drawer. He tried to keep his hormones and attitude to himself but it seemed that all he wanted to do was run his fingers through her thick curls and make himself a map of her body with his tongue. Not to mention sleeping on his couch or the floor for that matter meant that he got little to no sleep anyway.
“Answer me!” she hissed trying not to scream and possibly scare her child. Of course he didn’t he only turned those blue eyes on her for a brief moment long enough to chill her to the core then warm her up and then turn back slamming the drawer closed. Without thought he pulled his shirt over his head proceeding to replace it when she jumped off the bed demanding that he answer her question yet again. Her mistake initiated his mistake. If she would not have walked up on him it would have never happened but she did with her eyes flashing and all he could see was the outline of her breast and movement of her hips and lips that were screaming for his attention. It happened so fast he didn’t think about the price and before she drew her next breath she was posted on his dresser with him pressed intimately between her thighs inhaling her scent right before he took her mouth and any protest that she would have possibly thought of. The kiss was sweet torture, her hands at first trying to push him away next leaving impressions on his skin trying to hold on. Only his slipping control and her whimpers made him back away before he would have undressed her and made slow sweet love to her. Her dazed expression as he slowly released her mouth was enough to make him want to keep going yet he knew he couldn’t continue yet he couldn’t quite quit either so with the promise to quit he placed one last kiss on her lips before he backed away. He lifted her away from the dresser and set her at arm’s length away from him. Taking his time to get his body under control he leaned down and picked up the balled up shirt he was intending to wear and pulled it on over his head before he looked at her again. He felt the punch to his gut when he saw what he thought was fear and confusion in her eyes and said with as much feeling as he could muster yet softly. “Regardless of what you think, I am on your side and I won’t let anyone hurt you or her. I promise” then he turned and walked away silently saying to himself that his promise included him as well.

Chapter 12

On day three she ventured out of the room to use the restroom and found the house empty. The TV was on as usual but she was alone. Her excitement and confusion mounted as she checked the kitchen and bathroom only increasing as she looked out the windows trying to see if she could see him anywhere in sight. Not seeing him she forgot all about her going to the bathroom and quickly grabbed her things every so often looking over her shoulders as she dressed Meesha. She closed the bedroom door to make it seem like she was still there and left everything the way he had it before walking right out the front door. Every since that kiss she had been on guard and she felt as though she about to break waiting on the next thing to happen to knock her off course yet nothing happened. He spoke even less to her after that and only communicated for food purposes. She was no longer sure of anything. Three days had passed since she was brought there to his house and yet Dominique had not showed up or even called to threaten her with promises of torture before he killed her. And every time she even mentioned his name to Chico or inquired about him he would get upset which increased her confusion. She even knew that was the reason for the kiss or at least part of the reason. She could taste his anger underlying the passion that was all consuming. Another reason she had to flee, if she was wrong and he was telling the truth, she didn’t want him anywhere near her if Dominique found her. She kept looking around trying to make sure she was not being followed yet she doubted she was it was still early and a lot of people where walking around going to and from wherever. She had walked about two blocks when she stopped at a store to get a few things such as snacks she could eat and some bottles of water. She planned on getting on a bus or a plane somewhere and disappearing. Forget trying to hope for him to give up and leave her alone that was obviously not going to happen. And she couldn’t chance it with her daughter. She paid for her purchases and was about to leave the store when two familiar faces stepped out of a dark SUVs pulling a guy aside while showing out a picture. Her breath caught in her throat and she quickly moved away from the door and closer to the window to look but not be seen while Chuck and Johnny questioned people with her picture. He wasn’t joking they really have found her. She knew those two idiots and they knew her. Dominique’s do boys. She also knew that if they were this close to her that Dominique wouldn’t be far behind when they found her. They wouldn’t hesitate to call him to get her. Her body shook from the fear that the thought produced. She had to get away, her life and that of her daughters depended on it. She looked around the store for another way out but saw none. The clerk of course kept throwing her suspicious looks which didn’t make her feel any more secure about her hiding place. Chuck and Johnny jumped back in the vehicle and pulled away after a few minutes of questioning. She didn’t move from her spot until five minutes had passed. Finally when her legs would allow movement she quickly left the store in a rush to get as far away as possible going in the opposite direction of the truck. She was frantic, she didn’t have to speculate what would happen to her if they caught her. Meesha was awake and whining no longer content squeezed tightly against her mother’s chest in her sling. Walking as fast as she could constantly looking over her shoulder, she wasn’t paying attention to the oncoming traffic and ran into someone, who quickly accepted her apology and let her pass but which her continuous movement long enough for a pair of hands to reach out and grab her. She didn’t hesitate to scream.

Chapter 13

Chico had been out of his mind when he returned and found that she was gone. He had walked in the house noticing nothing different yet when he knocked on her door and walked in she was gone. His mind worked many scenarios none of which were pleasant and he immediately left to look for her. Seeing her come out of the convenience store was a blessing and the fear in her every step ate at his heart yet he couldn’t decide if he wanted to kiss her or strangle her for leaving the house. Of course having no respect for men who hit women he knew he wouldn’t do the latter and with the trouble he was having with his raging hormones for her he didn’t dare do the former either. He saw her collide with someone and knew he had to hurry up and get to her, she was only a step away from running. When he reached out and grabbed her, her scream drew more attention than he wanted. Calling her name in her ear cut off her scream and she did something that he never saw coming. She twirled around in his arms with tears standing in her eyes holding onto him for dear life.
“Chico” she cried softly
The impact of his name off her lips did something to him that he couldn’t describe and didn’t want an explanation for. Mindful of her baby in between them he loosened his hold on her that automatically happened when she latched on to him.
“It’s ok” he tried in vain to calm her but only increased her tears and rambling
“No it’s not. There here, I saw them. It’s not ok. He can’t have her”
“Honey its ok” He said softly placing a kiss on top of her head.
She tried to push out of his arms, knowing that the safety she felt there was just an allusion of her on mind. “I gotta get out of here, before they come back”
“NO!” he said with much force, trying not to think why the thought of her leaving and not seeing her was so important. Realizing he was only making it worse after seeing her face he lowered his voice turning her face back to his forcing her to look at him.
“Didn’t I tell you that I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you or her.”
“He doesn’t want me, he wants her and he knows that only if he kills me will he get her. I can’t let that happen. Please let me go, I gotta get out of here.”
“No, we’ll figure it out together but first let’s go back to the house and talk about this and then we can decide.
“This doesn’t include you, you have no reason to get involved.”
“I am involved, let’s go”

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