Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hide and Seek (CH 7)

Chapter 7

Chico had to struggle to contain the anger building inside him as he walked towards his flat. Not a word had been spoken since he wrapped his arms possessively around her shoulders and turned her into the shadows moving towards his apartment. Old rage and resentment were boiling and rolling threw his body in waves. It was no longer a strange woman and her daughter but it was his mom and him only no one saved him from being abandoned and his mother disappeared into thin air without a trace. It was amazing that after thirty- five years he still carried those feelings in him and the power they possessed to almost bring him to his knees. His companion had yet to mumble a word but the silent tears along with the shakes spoke volumes. He told himself that he was unaffected yet he felt his anger begin to crumple in the sight of her distress. He tightened his hold on her bringing her possessively closer to his body hoping to communicate without words his feelings of regret for her situation, knowing by the sharp intake of breath and the silent mumblings of release that he failed in his mission. As he opened his apartment complex he checked twice to make sure they weren’t followed and led her in locking the door behind them.

Malaya stood still in the dark apartment clinging to her daughter as her lifeline shaking like a leaf in the wind. Her fear was very present and she had no idea how to suppress it, but she knew clearly she had to find a way because without a clear mind she would not survive. Her captor stood by the door with his penetrating blue gaze beard shrouded cheek looking at her unflinchingly. She was terrified. How could she be so stupid? Now her daughter would pay for her mistake. She needed to think, she refused to let Dominique get her baby. She was desperately trying to clear her head when he spoke.
“I’m not going to hurt you so you can kindly stop squeezing the life out of your baby and see to her crying I’d appreciate it.”
His gravelly voice sent chills down her spine but nonetheless snapped her mind back to present and that’s when she heard Meesha crying in excess. She quickly loosened her hold and transferred her hold to her shaking shoulders trying to offer solace in the face of her child’s distress. He spoke again, while shaking off his leather jacket to show case his lean but chiseled built.
“You might try to calm down and maybe she will calm down. Babies can sense when you’re upset.”
Was he kidding? He had to be, calm down indeed. Here she was stolen off the street probably only moments away from losing her life and he wanted her to calm down. She felt hysteria on the rise and she feared she wouldn’t be able to quell her outburst.
“Let me go and I’ll calm down” she mumbled.
“No what you would do is get yourself and that baby killed. Do you know people are looking for you, ready to do you bodily harm?” Chico barely kept himself from snarling. Stupid girl
“Oh so I’m to believe that you are here to rescue me? Yea! Ok” she said trying to sound nonchalant about it but her voice still trembled in sync with her legs.
“As hard as it is to believe, honey I am helping you, although Lord knows I don’t know why.”
“Then let me go, and we can forget about this whole thing, I’ll be fine on my own.”
He snorted, before walking away from her and disappearing into the kitchen to only return seconds later with two beers in his hands. He offered her one but she looked at it like poison until he removed it shrugging his shoulders.
Malaya silently watched him while he popped the top on the beer and chugged. His hands on the bottle as it gripped it the sweat from it sliding through his fingers, the motion of his throat going up and down. She quickly turned her head surveying her prison. The living room dining room combo consisted of a black couch and love suite set, coffee table with end tables, a plasma TV and a small four setting table. No pictures, no magazines, nothing just bare essentials. Definitely a man’s place.
She grudgingly brought her gaze back to him only to find he was staring at her. She was scared again. She felt the tremble that had started to subside increase as his blue gaze sliced through her.
“Please let me go”
“Why does he want you dead?” He asked softly
She looked at him, really looked at him. She never seen him before, though that didn’t particularly mean anything but he didn’t appear to be one that followed directions very well. And what she knew of Dominique was he liked hardened criminals but only those he could blackmail and or control. She had to look away from his mesmerizing gaze, she needed to escape. They were on the bottom floor so a window or the door was possible if she could manage to get out of his sight for a few minutes. “I gotta go to the restroom” she said.
He didn’t believe that for a minute but he pointed to the door anyway. “You can put the baby down on the couch, I’ll make sure she doesn’t fall off.” It was meant as an offer to help. If anything she hefted the baby up higher on her shoulder and held on tighter.
“She’s fine with me” she looked at him with those big expressive eyes, waiting to see if he would force her to leave her child. He didn’t respond just kept looking at her until she backed up towards the bathroom locking herself in. Of course her disappointment was full measure, no window. Damn, she hissed. She placed her daughter softly on the countertop. She was of course wide awake looking around no doubt at her strange surroundings wondering where in the world her mama had her at now. The thought brought tears to Malaya’s eyes, how in the world was she going to get her and her baby out of this without getting both of them killed.

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